Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kork-Ease Deborah Sandal Review.

We've been talking about sandals a lot lately and one of my readers recommended the Kork-Ease Deborah sandal:

I'd already purchased my Lotta Clog sandals so I wasn't really in the market for a second, similar, pair of black clog-style sandals, but there's so much I like about them that I couldn't resist giving them a try when I found a decent sale online. 

The sandals arrived and right out of the box I liked them. They seemed well-made and not too heavy. I really like the stud detail and the padded footbed is a really nice bonus. Then I tried them on:

And...they're fine. I wasn't blown away by the way they looked on my feet but they certainly are very damn comfortable, like, immediately. And true to size. Oh, and squeaky. Squeaky squeaksqueaksqueak. 

I think it's the leather straps that are woven through each other in the back, but man, they were not quiet shoes. This is a problem that will probably go away with a few wears, but I thought it worth noting. 

In the end, I sent them back. They were perfect in a lot of ways but it just wasn't true love and with shoes at this price point I feel like you should REALLY LOVE THEM. If they go on super-sale later this summer I might re-buy. We'll see. I can definitely recommend them for overall comfort and general quality. 

What do you think? Should I have kept them? 


  1. I have these sandals in brown/cognac and LOVE them. It's a softer color, and really versatile. I probably wear them once/week. Mine don't squeak, so I wonder if yours were defective?

  2. haha! i had a pair of kork-ease wedges that were SO LOUD. and i didn't love the way they looked on my feet either, so i sold them.

  3. I just bought these and am wearing them for the first time today. I think I love them and you can borrow mine if need be.

  4. Oh, too bad. I do love clogs. Hate a squeaky shoe though! Especially when you're walking and looking all around thinking, "What is that noise?" before you realize it is coming from your foot!

  5. I bought these sandals a year ago. Mine don't squeak but I have to be very careful when wearing them! I was once downstairs at my local food court. The floor wasn't overly polished as far as I could see but my Deborah sandals caused me to slip and fall right in front of the escalator. It took 2 people to help me up because the shoes kept slipping! I haven't worn them since. I'm too afraid!!