Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adrien: A Few of My Favorite New Things.

I haven't written a beauty post in a while so I thought I'd get on it. Lately I've been using two new products that I'm really happy with. Like, REALLY happy wish. First, I finally tried the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer that Marianne loves so much and it was fine. I don't know that I want to marry it the way she does but it was okay. However, when I went to Sephora get a sample I got talked into buying the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and YOU GUYS. It is so so so good. I have concealer issues and this is as close to perfect as I've found.

First, it goes on like a dream. This stuff is just pure, creamy pigment and you only need a tiny bit. It works really well with a brush but I usually just use my fingers. Two coats and I'm good for hours. Hours! And it doesn't crease badly at all. (I will be straight with you - all concealer creases on me, but this one is minimal.)

It's expensive, but considering how little you have to use, it'll last for a long time. Oh, and the packaging, like most NARS products, is very luxe. (I mean, if you're paying nearly $30 for concealer it better be pretty fucking fancy, right? Right.)

The second product I bought recently is Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey. I've been a fan of the very popular Black Honey for years but it seems like such a winter shade to me and I wanted something a bit more summery.

Chic Honey is a pretty sheer berry shade that I think would look great on almost anyone. It doesn't have the purple undertones of Black Honey or the brown undertones of Fresh Sugar Plum, so it's toooootally different than the other similar lip glosses I own. Totally different! Truly.

It has almost no staying power (really, this is lip gloss not lipstick) but I don't mind reapplying from time to time. And, at $15 this is not that much more expensive than a drugstore product, so I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off for once.

Now it's your turn!  Tell me what you've bought lately that you're loving.


  1. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I got a sample in a magazine & didn't expect much but it was glorious. Covered concealer issues with a very thin film without being silicone-y or cakey ... I bought the $18 pump bottle; like the pump for dispensing the right amount & keeping it fresh too.

  2. Bliss That's Incredi-Peel glycolic acid resurfacing pads.

    I got a sample from Sephora (I will buy *literally* anything they throw my way - see recent purchase of Kate Walsh's Boyfriend and Bare Escentuals Stroke of Light).

    Name aside, THEY ARE AMAZING. Cut the pads in half to extend a 1 month supply to 2. They make me look like I sleep, drink appropriate amounts of water, and didn't spend my 20's sans SPF...

  3. 2 beloved new products: Benefit FakeUp concealer and Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobob Thickening Mist. (for hair)

    I was on my way to ordering the Nars because it's all endless raves about the c.c- however, I was waylaid- happily for the moment- by Benefits Fake Up concealer. I have major concealer issues too- to the point of: I never use it. This was the first that actually makes a difference. It's ultra-hydrating, super easy to put on, looks totally natural (my issue was that under-eye concealers made me look worse and older, so what on earth was the point.....but of course my whole eye area is not as 'clean and bright' as when I was younger, so I was always hoping for something that would do something...) Anyway, Benefit FakeUp is brilliant, I love it.
    Because I had also heard that Maybelline FitMe concealer is a (total?) dupe for the Nars creamy concealer, I couldn't resist picking up one (especially before blowing $30 ordering online for a tint I wasn't certain of, to boot.)
    I didn't use it for awhile, because I was so enamored with the Benefit, and when I did, I even dabbed it on over the Benefit (because I think the FitMe and the Nars are known for staying power- I figured I'd see if it kept the Benefit on better or something).
    I'll try it on its own now.. have you ever tried it, now that you have the real McCoy, do you think it compares?
    Also, which shade of Nars did you get, perchance?
    The Shea Moisture Yucca/Baobob thickening mist is amaaaazing. It smells light and clean and it just turns hair from shapeless and flat in wrong places to healthy and shiny and glossy and volume-y, but it feels like there's absolutely nothing in your hair. Use on wet or dry. Bonus, it gives my curls their curl shape back. (but it's not just for curly hair).
    I am totally loving both...


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