Monday, April 14, 2014

Tomorrow We'll Talk About World Peace.

A: Did you get that MUFE foundation? I got a sample of it and I'm trying it today.

M: What do you think of it? I think I need to go back to wearing primer now that it's warming up. My skin is a mess again. Sigh.

A: I also got a sample of the Stila Stay All Day foundation. I like the way it  feels but it didn't even Stay All Morning. The MUFE looks good, it's dewy. And ugh, I should probably get some primer.

M: I want to go back to the Smashbox but it's too dark until like July. Ugh PRIMER. Didn't you have some you liked fairly recently?

A: Yeah, the Illamasqua stuff but it's really expensive and it never came back in stock on Sephora. I might have to stalk it elsewhere.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

M: Oh, boo. I've used one from Lorac, which is nice but basically straight up silicone. Then I switched to the last of my NARS pro prime, which I stopped using because I thought it was breaking me out. Got three zits. Then I tried a sample of POREfessional and I like it pretty well. I don't know.

A: Why can't I just be a no-makeup hippie?

M: Now my friend Kelly is telling me what I really need is a setting spray. Makeup makes me tired sometimes.

A: Oh for fuck's sake.

M: Setting spray! It sounds like total bs.

A: It really kind of does.

M: But she uses it every day and says it makes everything stay put. SIIIIIIGH.

A: Man, I just. Can't.

M: I am weary.

A: I do not have time for one more makeup trick. I just don't.

M: Next tip: Put on all of your makeup, wash it off, then put it on AGAIN. Repeat until you go insane.

M: Oh I've fallen deep into a Wayne Goss rabbit hole help.

A: Me too! I watched four or five of them before I pulled myself out. Shit is compelling and makes me so confused.

M: He says this setting spray is good:

Skindinavia Finishing Spray

M: I just had 12 windows open with products and closed them all.

A: I do not UNDERSTAND setting spray. Is this instead of powder? Instead of primer?



M: MAYBE???!?!1

A: I am thinking maybe I'll just dunk my head in a vat of polyurethane after I put my makeup on. That should do it.

M: I'll have my husband hit me with some Pam and a can of air on my way out the door.

A: There you go.

(The Next Day)

A: I tried that Goss boy's tips on concealer and shit still creased.

M: I tried that foundation trick and it looked good until about 3pm when my face cracked and fell off. Not good for dry skin.

A: The powder-first one? It failed to Change My Life.

M: I think the Smashbox foundation is the way to go. I'm excited.

Smashbox Studio Skin

A: Me too! I'm not sure why I ever doubted it.

M: Me either. I LOVED it. I'm dumb.

A: There's always the hope of The Next Best Thing.


  1. I used an Urban Decay setting spray when we went to Jazz Fest in NOLA a few years ago, and despite sweating to the point of dehydration, my makeup stayed put. That being said, it hasn't worked as well since. I wonder if it's effectiveness wears off? Does my skin become immune to it's powers?! Who knows. I give up.

  2. Why is makeup so hard!?!?! I did have a moment of having to wash my makeup off because I didn't wait long enough for my stinking moisturizer to dry before I tried to put on my stupid bare minerals. Boo

  3. I've heard really good things about the Skindinavia setting spray. Embarrassingly, I have lately been using Kat Von D's "Lock 'N Load Makeup Setting Spray" and it's actually working.

  4. Hourglass mineral veil primer is the BEST. It's weirdly iridescent when it comes out of the bottle, but it makes my make up look sooooo good.

  5. I've tried 3 different setting sprays, and they've done nothing but make my foundation look it was spray painted on. I think they actually decrease the time it stays put. I don't get them either. I'll stick with primer and powder.

  6. I use Skindinavia's setting spray and it rocks. This is how I use it: sunscreen, setting spray, foundation/tinted moisturizer, setting spray. I have really oily skin and use the oil free version, whatever it is called. It is AMAZEBALLS. No need for primer. No need for setting powder (unless it is really hot out or I am having an especially oily day)

  7. I love the "balance" setting spray by Jane Iredale along with their pressed mineral powder base, and vanicream lite lotion moisturizer underneath. I have tried Everything, and this stuff is the happiest I've been with any makeup! My skin is super sensitive though. does free shipping and sends free samples with every order. Highly recommend!

  8. I love you guys. These long(er) back-and-forth posts are just perfect- too funny. And so true.

  9. Just saw at Bloomingdales that they released a matte version of the Illamasqua hydra veil. Tempting!

  10. Oh god no.... no more! (I'm totally going to look into this for Summer. Jesus.)

    You guys... I am not lying, I am not exagerating - 2 major wrinkles have completely disappeared from my face. The one between my eyebrows and the one on the left side of my mouth - totally gone. The forehead wrinkles and little crows feet are getting way smaller. I also haven't had a breakout in weeks and I didn't get my monthly pms zit. (I'm t-zone oily with patchy dry cheeks.)
    I don't know which of these products is working or if it's a magical combination but I will not stop using these 3 things:
    - Strivectin Advanced Intensive Concentrate For Wrinkles & Stretch Marks (the Age-Fighting Discovery Kit at Ulta will let you try it out and the two pink tubes will last well over a month and comes with a neck tightener)
    - H20 Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment is a gel and crazy hydrating (Strivectin isn't super moisturizing - I put this on after - just a small pea size of Strivectin and a pea of this is plenty enough for my entire face)
    - Lanc├┤meTeint Visionnaire Skin Correcting Makeup Duo foundation

    It's like a freakin miracle. I've never seen a turnaround like this before and my skin was totally wrecked from Winter. I'm effin dewey.

    1. Ugh, now I want all the things! I'm dying to check this stuff out.

    2. Just FYI, Nordstrom has the tiny tube of the StriVectin stuff for $13.50 plus free shipping!

  11. Ok, I will totally sing the praises of setting spray too. I can actually tell when I forget it in the morning, and not because I remember...I'll look in the mirror and think "WTF?...oh wait...forgot setting spray" I use the NYX one which is cheap so you don't have to feel guilty about spritzing all you want. I'm always tempted to try the Urban Decay one but the price is just too high for me when I'm already happy with the NYX. I use powder as well - the Tarte amazonian stuff, which I also really like. The spray is the very last thing I do. Make sure that if you do try it, you wait until your mascara is dry. It never disturbs any of my other makeup, but it can screw up my mascara if I don't wait long enough.

  12. The Urban Decay DeSlick spray is a GODSEND if you have oily skin. I often need makeup to go 12 hours +, and there's just no way without this stuff. I don't know what it does, I don't think I want to, but it does work. Without it, my makeup slides off by about 1 p.m. With it I can put makeup on at 5:30 a.m. and still look good at 7 p.m.


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