Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adrien: I Review Beauty Stuffs.

I bought some new makeup this month and haven't even told you guys about it. Who am I?? I don't even know anymore. Firstly! In my ongoing quest for under eye concealer that actually does it's GD job, I got a generous sample of Benefit Erase Paste. My review: eh.

Benefit Erase Paste

Seriously, eh. This stuff is fine, I guess. Very pigmented and does brighten a bit, but it also creases like craaaaazy. And mostly I can't tell a big enough different to shell out $26 for a tiny little tub of this stuff. Next.

Because I can't quit Benefit (and because I'm an easy mark for Sephora sales associates) I was convinced to buy the Hello Flawless Foundation Powder.

Hello Flawless Foundation Powder
As compacts go, it's not that fantastic - too small and square to be really useful in a mirror capacity - but the powder! So nice, you guys. Very silky and creamy and applies like a dream without looking too powdery. I also love that it comes with a brush and a sponge that both live in their own little compartment under the powder. Apparently this is meant to be a powder foundation, but I just use it for touch-ups.

Finally, I bought a Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Ali, which is a great raisin-berry color that I can't recommend enough. It's not terribly balm-like (really more of a stain) but it's minty and I like minty.

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Ali
I love this stuff quite a bit but I have a problem with the packaging. Why is this thing so chunky? If it were a true balm it wouldn't matter, but it's super pigmented, so trying to apply from the tube is nearly impossible unless I want to get lipstick all over my face, which I DO NOT. Basically, you need a lip brush and I hate lip brushes! Why is this so haaaarrrrrdddd. Wah. But the color is great, so.

How about you? Bought anything good lately? Do tell.


  1. Have you tried the trick of using eyeshadow primer under your eyes/on dark circles to help prevent concealer from creasing? I do that, and while it doesn't totally eliminate the issue, I've noticed enough of a difference to keep doing it. :)

    1. I've tried this with varying success. Sometimes it just makes the skin under my eyes look SUPER dry, which defeats the purpose.

  2. Ha! I've actually done that and then forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder, Dani.

    I've been buying a ton of makeup which is what I do when I lose weight, get all giddy with my fabulousness, buy a shit ton of new clothes, gain the weight back, and get depressed. Playing with new makeup and skincare cheers me up until I feel like dieting and exercising again. Rinse, repeat.

    ANYWAY, I got color-matched at Sephora for an Hourglass tinted moisturizer which turned out to be out of stock ... so I bought a bottle of Guerlain Lingerie de Peau which is so freaking amazing that I'm not even sorry it costs $61. Best color match, best coverage, doesn't clog pores, I'm in love.

    I'm also loving L'Oreal Telescopic mascara because although my lashes could use some thickening, I really can't stand drugstore thickening mascaras because they come in huge fat tubes containing huge fat wands ending in a big fat stumpy-bristled brush and I always manage to gob mascara onto my face or poke myself in the eye. Lengthening mascaras like Telescopic come in long slender wands with slender brushes and I can manage to apply them without making a clown out of myself or blinding myself in one or both eyes. And if you keep brushing it on, you get both long and thick lashes with little to no clumping! (But I don't use it on my bottom lashes because it flakes off under my eyes.)

    For concealers I'm liking the new L'Oreal roller ball thingies that I haven't seen reviewed anywhere. The coverage isn't stupendous, but it doesn't crease unless I really glob it on.

    1. I love it when you comment! I love it even more when you update your blog (HINT.)

      L'Oreal roller ball thingy, eh? I will definitely have to check that out! And I feel like I've tried the Telescopic mascara but I can't remember how I felt about it. I agree that the fat mascara brushes just lead to disaster. My lashes aren't that long and I end up getting mascara in my eye or on my eyelid.

  3. Hmm, might need to look into that Benefit powder... I've used the Erase Paste before in conjunction with my Glamoflauge but I'm still looking for concealer holy grail too. I want my entire face to look good ALL DAY, dang it... None of this 8 hour crap. Ugh. Also I've learned to avoid eye contact with the Sephora girls. Look like I'm on a mission and get out otherwise it's almost a hundred dollars later and a gut wrenching feeling of did I overdraw my bank account at Sephora? Meep.