Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday Mood: We Discuss Balloon Jeans.

M: Kill me: ⁠Do or Don't: Balloon Jeans

A: Hard no. I owned those in 1991 and wore them with a leotard top, a big wide belt and Doc Martens:

M: I would sooner go nude

A: This comment: “I nearly burst into tears when I got that Madewell email." 

M: I guess I’m officially old

A:  I’ve been there for a while, over here with my side part

M: I have a middle part but it has zero to do with the youth

A:  You work with youths though, it rubs off

M: I’ll stick with my boyfriend jeans, thanks

A:  Balloon. Jeans.

A:  As in, you will look like a...

M: Balloon!

A:  And who doesn’t want to look like they’re full of air

M: I can do that myself



  1. So, I think this goes along with your question the other day -- I think it was sparked by a top? -- about what makes something flattering. When we say that, do we really mean that something is slimming? This style is never going to be that for anyone who is not already rail-thin. Can something be flattering because it's interesting and on trend? Or should we find another word and/or goal for our clothes?

    I'm purposely writing these all as questions, because I've been asking myself these things. I've bought a few pairs of higher rise "mom jeans" and my own mom feels compelled to point out to me every time she sees me in them that they are "not flattering." And I hear her voice in my head sometimes when I look in the mirror. But they are in style. They are comfortable. I like the outfits I put together with them.

    1. Yes, to all of this! I struggle with this a lot - like, I know boyfriend jeans aren't "flattering" on me but I love them because they feel cool and kind of,"F*ck you, I wear what I want." And yet, my inital reaction to "balloon jeans" was a hard no. Partially because they make me feel old but also because I know that when I eventually try a pair on, they will look terrible on me which will also make me feel bad.

      (But, we also have a habit of reacting negatively to something and then embracing it six months later, so grain of salt.)

      As for what's "flattering", yes, I think often it's assumed to mean the same as slimming, but for me it's more about wearing things that work with my shape, not against it. It's all a struggle. Mostly I try to wear things that make me feel good without caring too much about what other people think.

      PS. I realized after posting this that the ON jeans I posted Friday, which I truly like, are preeeeettty close to a balloon cut. Not quite, but nearly.

  2. I think it is about taking what you like and making it work for you. My 13 year old laughs every time we’re in the store and I say “Oh... I had a (shirt/belt/pair of jeans/bodysuit) just like that in the 90s!” Some of those things are best left behind, but others I will style for who I am now. And I will always side part because I have the biggest cowlick and it will part no other way.

  3. I personally feel that by allowing bodysuits to come back we have failed our young. Who needs that kind of discomfort? I guess each generation has to suffer the indignities of ... digging.

    1. Also if you wear underpants underneath them, you get the joys of the double VPL


  4. I must say that I love bodysuits, as I hate things getting out of pants or skirts and hate retucking, but I alwys size up in them so that they don’t dig. I just bought three shirt bodysuits of eBay and I am so so happy with them.

  5. For any of you who are finding the idea of denim balloon pants too dull, I have a pair of purple leather ones on sale in my Poshmark shop!

    At a time I was buying vintage leather pieces to chop them up to sew purses which is why I have these. The rule was 'too ugly for anyone to want to ever wear as is' so they're OK to cut up. But here we are, they're back in fashion. Sort of.


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