Monday, March 8, 2021

Monday Mood: Hair Stuff!

I haven't talked obsessively about my hair for a while and I'm using some new products, so lucky you, I'm gonna talk about them! 

So, I obviously just got my color done and my goal with shampoo is to keep my color as long as possible. I use Hairstory Deep a few times a week and it's really good:

Yes, it's expensive, but it replaces shampoo and conditioner so that's how I justify it. Also, if you're ordering for the first time, get the kit with the head scrubber thingy! Hairstory is non-foaming so you really have to scrub your scalp when you use it (plus it feels great.) I'm cheap and bought my scrubber separately - I'm pretty sure I've talked about it more than once. 

More recently I started using the Hairstory Undressed Texturizing Spray which is great - not sticky or salty but gives that kind of awesome tousled look and it can be layered. I use this on super casual days when I need a little hold. I just use 4-5 sprays on damp hair and style as usual. It's light but still gives my hair a bit of heft. 

NOW, this is what I use when I'm planning on really doing my hair (for blog photos, wild trips to the grocery store, etc.) I bought a travel size of the R + Co Rodeo Star mousse on a whim (an expensive whim) and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It gives my fine hair a ton of oomph and I always wake up the next morning with a giant sleep-pompador. It's not an everyday use product for me right now, but I super love it and I'm going to buy a full-sized version when it runs out.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to a really great product I started using again (after finding a dusty bottle of it in my beauty closet): Bumble and bumble Tonic. What's it for? What does it do, exactly? I HAVE NO IDEA but I do know that when I spray it on my damp hair before adding styling products it just makes everything better. I also love how it smells kind of minty, like tea tree oil. PS. I looked it up and it's a detangler/primer. Is it necessary for life? No. Is it nice to have? Absolutely yes. Should I replace my dusty bottle? Probably but let's not tell Marianne. 


  1. How often do you wash? Do you only use this or do you use shampoo at other times? Is there a sample/smaller version rather than the $50 version?

    1. Maybe 3 times a week and once a month or so I'll use regular shampoo/conditioner just to clarify. You can buy just the Deep (without the scrubber) on the Hairstory website but I don't think they have a smaller size.

    2. PS. If you send me your email address I can get you a 20% off code for the Hairstory site.