Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Outfit of the Day: This Looks Familiar.

Okay, so the outfit I'm wearing is basically the same thing I wore last week in my Rothy's review but you know what? That's pretty much how it goes - I wear the stuff I really like over and over again and ignore the other two thirds of my wardrobe. I've gotten better at thinning out the things I don't wear anymore but I still wear my tried-and-true favorites the most often. TLDR: here you go:

This Ann Taylor ponte top I'm wearing is something I've had for years. It's indestructible, fits well, and has cool zippers on the sides. This Rachel Roy sweater has a similar zip thing going on and this grey TOV tee is also pretty similar, but I'm all about this side zip sweatshirt from Ann Taylor. It's not black but you already have black tops, right?

Now, I'm going to talk about these Madewell Tencel jeans. Yes, again. Since I bought them they're the only pair I want to wear. They're just the right amount of streamlined and they just get more comfortable each time I wear them. They don't slide down, they don't bag out at the knees. Worth every penny. They also come in black (and in other styles too) and I will definitely be getting another pair down the road. On to details:

This is my Madewell Anchor Pendant which I'm sorry to say is sold out. I love how extra it is and I think it makes a simple outfit a bit more fancy. You can achieve the same kind of thing with the Treasure Pendant necklace or the Curvelink Pendant but really, I'm kinda bummed mine is gone so quickly. Hmph. On to bags and shoes:

So, listen. If there's a bag you love and it pops up on Poshmark or eBay or whatever? Just go for it. Especially if it's different than anything else you own. I have carried this Liberty of London tote nearly every day since I bought it. it's lightweight, holds a ton and, honestly? It just sparks joy for me. I am SO glad I bought it. In searching for something similar (and less spendy) I still think this Sam Edelman tote is really cute and hell, even Lands' End has a version that's not bad. All that said, if you're looking for a tote, this canvas and leather Signet tote from J.Crew is really beautiful and under $100 with the F&F code! Dammit. Oh! My boots. They're the Cole Haan Landsman and I bought them at Costco last year, which is ridiculous. Also from Costco...

This is my cheap-ass Kirkland rain trench that I got for $29. I absolutely love it because, um, it was $29. It has a good, deep hood and not-good shallow pockets. 

Still, I'm happy I bought it and eventually I might replace it with a grown version but for now it's fine. Oh, and PS. my green camo scarf is from Banana Republic and it's sold out. I am the worst. This one is pretty? I give up. 


  1. all lovely, as usual, but compelled to comment because that costco jacket fits you, like, PERFECTLY, and looks expensive :-)

    1. It's kind of a nice thing, isn't it? I've been very pleased with it.


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