Monday, November 19, 2018

Review: J. Crew Sophie Open-Front Sweater Blazer

Hey y'all, Marianne again.

My very stylish friend Natalie has a sweater blazer from J. Crew that, in spite of me never really finding success with a blazer, I very much coveted it. Hers was from last year but she sent me a link to the Sophie Open-Front Sweater Blazer and said she was pretty sure it was the same:

I wanted to order it IMMEDIATELY, but Adrien scolded me and told me to never pay full price at J. Crew, so I sat on my hands and waited for a code. Luckily the friends and family sale started the next day, so I didn't have to sweat it for too long. [Hi! Use code TOGETHER to get 40% off at J.Crew! Do not pay full price. -A] It was hard times, y'all. I placed my order (I went with a size large, more on that later), and I was pleased that it arrived two days later. On that note--J. Crew gets serious points for fast shipping, WHY can't more retailers do the same. I'm looking at you Gap.

When it arrived I was concerned at first because it looked really big, especially in the arms. But it's just a boxier, oversized cut. While I do think I could have sized down to the medium and it might have fit slightly better in the shoulders, it wouldn't have hung as nicely around my hips. It's VERY warm and cozy with a nice heft to the knit, and it holds its own in chilly weather. I got it 4 days ago and I've already worn it twice, if that tells you anything.

Of course now I want more colors, and there are some alternate cuts at J. Crew I have my eye on as well. This collarless, longer version in black (or that pretty pink!) is calling my name:

There's a less-expensive version on J. Crew Factory that has more of a traditional blazer cut (which I admit looks terrible on me, and yet I keep trying):

I also really like the inverted lapel on this J. Crew Factory version...I really may buy this, like right now:

If J. Crew isn't your thing, Banana Republic Factory has a near-copy:

My friend Danielle is wearing this in the gorgeous emerald color RIGHT NOW and I am about to steal it:

And of course Madewell has a perfect-looking sweater blazer in my kryptonite color, olive green:

That escalated quickly from "I don't like blazers on me" to "I now own 7 sweater blazers."

A: So, sweater blazers are for drinking gin martinis instead of straight gin?

M: Yes they are UPSCALE gin drinking cardigans.

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  1. It's very cute on you...had my eye on that one too. The Madewell one is fab also. On a side note, JCrew looks to be exiting Canada. Apparently they cancelled their Canadian public relations contract and they're closing a bunch of stores up here. Too bad :^( ....


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