Monday, May 28, 2012

Exciting Stuff.

The Nina Garcia post was pretty exciting stuff around here and just in case you've forgotten about our other little venture, we give you this tribute:

There's also this, which is not a tribute. At all:

But ha, right? Always. And it's not just us! We stumbled across this awesome post by Kim France* and it  made us love her more than we already do. Go read, We'll wait.

Heh, see? NOT JUST US. He's appalling. 

But, in finding it and commenting we got THIS amazing link-love! Meep! That was the best way to start a holiday weekend. Enjoy, y'all!

*Sassy magazine indirectly brought Marianne and I together. I am forever a fan. I was also a long-time subscriber to Lucky. Kim France is our girl.

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