Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adrien: This Old Thing.

This dress is from Banana Republic and it's maybe five years old?  I've worn it on the blog a bunch of times and even though I'm not sure it's still quite my style, I still pull it out from time to time. I like it here with my new Chies  but wish I'd opted for a different belt. 

Later this same day I tripped on the sidewalk, went airborne, managed to do two giant running steps and not fall on my face! It was spectacular. But, I realized when I got back to work that I'd left my heel cap behind. Chie Mihara heel caps are weirdly specific so I drove all the way back that night and found it. Yes I did too. The end. 

dress: Banana Republic (similar) (Nanette Lepore silk shift dress on sale!)
sandals: Chie Mihara (similar) (similar Tory Burch high heeled sandals)
belts: Banana Republic (similar)
necklace: Banana Republic (similar)


  1. what the heck is a heel cap? oh lord.

    1. The little plastic thing on the bottom of your heel? I think they're also called heel taps.

  2. Ha! I love that you went back and found your heel cap. :p

    I would too if I owned those *amazing* shoes.

  3. It was those shoes?! Damn right, I would've gone back too!

  4. I have that dress! In another color - black with bronze, sort of. I am inspired to pull it out and give it a wearing next week.