Friday, May 11, 2012

We are Super Helpful YET AGAIN.

A: Okay, my friend Noah emailed asking for haircut help. This is what he looks like:

Here's what he said:
Hey, so I'm tired of the haircut I've been getting for the last decade and I'm thinking I need something new (and age appropriate?) as I sail into my 40s (ug). I'd love if you and Marianne would be willing to make a post about possible hairstyles for me to consider. I figured you two are connoisseurs of hunky older dudes, so you might be able to steer me in the right direction. I'm growing it out now so there's more of my mostly pepper, but more salt every day, hair. Game?

But, um, I don't know anything about boy hair? Help?

M: Noah is so handsome! The current style is so classic. I really have no idea. He could...put stuff in it?

A: Boy hair is hard.

M: I can't really picture him with different hair. Makes me want to upload his picture to a haircut generator website.

A: OH MY GOD. We should totally do that.

M: Oh dear. I've...done something.

A: Um.

M: He is never going to forgive us.

A: He might forgive you for that Fieri bullshit BUT I NEVER WILL.

M: You big BABY. This is possibly the most fun I've had ever? More people should ask us for hair advice!

A: That is maybe a bit of a departure? I was thinking about something more Rihanna-ish:

Or maybe something a bit more subtle:

M: What about that lovely Ellen DeGeneres?

A: That is really not his style. Maybe something more Tina Fey-ish?

Too classic?

M: Hahahahahaaaaaa.

But in all seriousness, when it comes to boy grooming ideals, I always defer to the Gos.


I can't even remember what we are talking about.

A: OH.

M: ............................

A: Um. Hi! HIH HIHIHIHOSIdhf;aklj

M: Good night.

A: SJlakhtowe4ihsKLANV

M: Anyway! Super helpful post. I am sure Noah will love it.


  1. Definitely getting the Rihanna look. Thanks you guys!

  2. I support this choice. The Rhianna is the best.
    More importantly, thanks for making my day with the extra pics of RG.

    1. Any time, Mica! I really love the Rihanna, I'm glad we all agree.

  3. This one is soooooo easy to answer. 1) Lose some part of your facial hair if not all. Seriously. and 2) stop blow drying or finger styling your hair forward over your forehead a la Caesar style. You obviously have (a) naturally curly hair and (b) a cowlick in the very front of your hairline that makes it want to go back instead of forward. Style it up and back. 3) get a shorter cut. Then, you'll be hotter than a cat on a tin roof.

    1. Actual useful advice! I agree with all of this.

    2. Noah IS handsome and I totally agree with r3. Keep the sides short like they are, allow a bit more grow out in the front, get some good stiff pomade (BED HEAD, CREW, etc) and just put a teeny bit in (warm up in hands first), style up and back. And lose the facial hair! It's Spring time! Show that handsome face!

    3. Noah, your eyes are so nice! I agree with the above ladies, lose the facial hair. It's easy to do, will grow back, and will totally change your look. I have often thought of all the great facial hair-dos I would have if I were a guy... I'd start from the bottom up. Shave the beard, leave the stache and the soul patch. Try it for a week. See how you like it.

      Your hair, it's so nice, but kinda 90's "done." Again, I agree with the above folks: put a tiny bit of pomade or goop on your hand after the shower, ruffle it through, and see what happens when you just let it do its thing. That combed in the front look of the first Ryan Gosling photo might suit you (with less goo).

      I think I'm immune to the Gos. I know people adore him, but he looks like a normal dude to me. Am I broken?!

  4. PS - the Gos has WAY too much crap in his hair. Good god.