Friday, May 4, 2012

What's up, shorty?

M: Now that I've made fun of Anthropologie, they sent me 15% off for my birthday and I need you to talk me out of jean shorts:

Pilcro Stet Roll-Ups

A: Oh, I am not one to talk you out of jean shorts because I kind of love them. I used to wear them with docs and black tights and totally still would if I could get away with it. Sorry, I might have talked you out of them inadvertently with that confession, huh.

M: Dang. DANG. I love my Pilcro jeans so much that I'm really tempted. Of course they are out of my size. Of course.

A: Behold:

circa: a long time ago


M: That picture is so amazing. SO AMAZING. I also love them in pink? I don't even know who I am anymore.

Pilcro Stet Denim Roll-Ups

A: I made a face when you said pink but then I looked at them and I think they're really cute? I need to go lie down.

M: SEE??

A: Totally cute. I think you need them. 


Madewell garment-dyed midi shorts

A: Thems too short for me.

M: Definitely too short for me. Am I too old for Madewell? I just want perfectly broken-in, not too tight denim shorts for $50 or less. Is that too much to ask?

M: Gap? They come in tall (yay), but the rise gives me pause:

Gap 1969 sexy boyfriend jean shorts

A:  Those look pretty good but as with all Gap, would require trying on. I am suspicious of Gap denim. I really like these:

Joe's Jeans Marisela Cuffed Shorts

But I don't understand why I should pay whole-jeans price for half a pair. Also: too short.

M: Those are cuuute. I wish my rear aspect looked like hers. My favorite skinny jeans are from the Gap! I think I'll seek them out to try on this week.

A: I have never found a pair of Gap jeans that worked on me. Hateful.

M: It's a polarizing brand.

A: Or just irritating. I pulled out all my shorts from last year and I pretty much hate all of them. I want CUTE shorts. Maybe these:

J Crew 5" chino short

M: Those are super cute. How does this happen? I totally sold the shorts I bought two years ago, and I already am over the shorts I bought last summer. Fickle.

A: Because when it comes down to it, shorts are a loathsome southern summer necessity and finding the perfect pair is like drinking from the Holy Grail and not having your face melt off.

M: Too right.


  1. TJ Maxx has a lot of cute shorts right now. Pretty colors. I didn't see any denim shorts at mine, though. I even bought a skort! I promise you can't tell it's a skort, though.

  2. I got the sexy boyfriend shorts from the Gap (40% off!) and I love them. It's been years since I found any jeans that worked for me at the Gap, but these shorts are just slouchy enough to create the illusion that my muscular legs are skinnier than they actually are, and so I swoon for them. No idea what they're doing to my ass -- don't care. My legs look too good. YMMV.

    1. Ooh! I'm going to seek them out this week!

  3. Re: Gap jeans that fit: Try the 1969 Perfect Bootcuts. Seriously.

    Re: Not-too-short shorts: J. Crew has some good options, such as

    Ditto Ann Taylor, although not in denim:

    Denim bermuda shorts from Old Navy:

    Or seek out a pair of beat-up, washed-in men's denim from the thrift store and cut 'em off and roll 'em up.