Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Marianne: Pencil.

I like to drive Adrien crazy telling her that I can't pull off pencil skirts. What I really mean is I can't pull them off like she does, but that's neither here nor there. Because I bought a denim pencil skirt and I like it okay?

It's Pilcro and the Letterpress (an anthropologie brand), and the style name, after doing some digging, is the "Threaded Nuances Skirt" (anthro, wtf?). Since I know how their jeans fit me, I felt secure buying it on a whim from eBay for $20. I was worried about it being skin tight, so I sized up, and I wish I hadn't. It gapes at the waist and pooches out at my stomach. Can you get a denim skirt taken in?

Also, Adrien sent me these cute Jewelmint bangles because she loves me. Sweet, right?

skirt: Pilcro/anthropologie Threaded Nuances skirt (try this Old Navy denim pencil skirt for under $25, or maybe splurge on this McQueen version marked down to $128)
sweater: anthropologie/Sparrow Thrilled and Frilled Cardigan (Tory Burch cardigan in similar colorway on sale here, or another cute stripey cardigan from Pim + Larkin here)
sandals: Naturalizer (check out these wicked fuschia platform sandals at Saks)
bangles: Jewelmint Garden Patch Trio


  1. The skirt looks fine in these shots! Personally (and i think it's because of my body shape), i have given up on denim skirts, because it finally dawned on me one day that they never flattered me, no matter what style or cut. I like the stripes and the bright touches you have paired with the skirt.

  2. Seriously, sincerely: Don't know what you're talking about in re: pencil skirts -- you look fab!! This one's very flattering. :-)