Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marianne: Trust me.

So. I snapped up some darling, darling Cynthia Vincent wedges on eBay for $22. Twenty two whole dollars, so who cares that they are perilously tall and possibly a bit too wide on me. They are very cute!

Of course, you'll have to trust me. Because this is the best shot I got of them. If you squint, you can tell that they are shoes, at least.

Now, later in the day I had to do emergency triage at my desk and fix a slipping strap with the aid of a hot glue gun and four bulldog clips, but that's neither here nor there. What do you think of my super cheap, super high wedges?  Okay fine, here is a real picture:

tunic top: Calypso for Target (similar here and here)
necklace: Diana Warner 
shoes: Cynthia Vincent Isla Wedge (similar rope detailed wedges here and here)


  1. Ooh, I like them! Are they comfortable? Lol at the Triage. from Teresa

    1. They are pretty comfortable. I am used to how soft the footbed is in my favorite Chie Mihara wedges, so these feel really hard, but not painful. Once I fixed the strap it was a lot better, before that I felt like I was going to fall out of them!

  2. I bought a similar pair of wedges from Banana Republic, lovely with fake stones on them, for very very cheap and never wore them until..... I was invited to a wedding in Vietnam and thought to myself: these perfectly match the dress I am wearing, I can probably wear them for about that length of time, so yes I think I will pack the world's heaviest shoes in my luggage, take them halfway around the world, and get my $30 worth from them. Bonus: hundreds of photos of me. Not bonus: maxi dress often obscures said wedges. Not bonus: wanted to leave them there but reneged, packed them up and now they await the next tropical wedding.