Thursday, May 24, 2012


A: GUH! Look what I found on eBay:


M: Oof

A: If they were my size I'd buy them SO HARD.

M: They are really gorgeous. Sigh.

(Random omitted chatter about punching people in the face. And making fun of a blogger's outfit. Not you! We love you. Someone else.)

A: I just went shopping! I bought stuff!

M: Ooh, what did you get?

A: This Gap dress:

Mine is black and white which they don't seem to have online anymore. It also comes in solid colors. I also got this cute top for $6.00 (great sale right now! Go!) at Ann Taylor:

Kind of a tent but will be good with shorts and sandals, I think.

M: Dang, I love that stripey dress. I need to go look for shorts there. And the AT top is adorable!

A: The stripey dress is an XS so if it shrinks I am hosed, but it's really quite nice - very thick fabric.

M: So cute. Just wash on cold and never dry it.

A: That is my plan.

M: I am half heartedly bathing suit shopping? Ugh. I kind of like this, for some reason:

A: Oh, that is cute! I love the back. I can't even think about bathing suits. No. I think I wore the one I bought last year once?

M: We live at the pool. Really, I should just get another one of these:

I wore my last one to death, and then killed it by wearing it when I was pregnant.

A: Oh, I remember that one! It's really pretty perfect.

M: I'm cracking up that it comes in VELVET, though:

Because nothing says beat the heat like a VELVET SWIMSUIT.

A: Um.

M: What, you've got a velvet swimsuit collection I didn't know about?


M: I just love the feeling of WET VELVET cupping my nether regions.

A: Dude! CHANGING THE SUBJECT. I bought my last suit from Boden and if I were to buy another, it'd probably be this one:

M: That is so cute.

A: It doesn't come in velvet, sorry.

M: Hey, you're the one with the velvet fetish, Costanza.

A: If only it were socially acceptable...


  1. Guys, if you ever see EBay Chies in a 35/5, you MUST let me know.

  2. You said cupping (snicker). You've been reading 50 Shades, haven't you?

    1. NUH UH. You made me read Twilight and I'm still not over it.

  3. So I have this one from Walmart (I know, right?) that is identical to the Modcloth one and it's only 30 bucks. It fits like a dream.

    However, it does not come in velvet...

    1. Oh, REALLY? Have you tried the Esther Williams (Modcloth) one? And it's seriously the same?? I am intrigued.

  4. Yeah, I tried both because I heart Modcloth and Walmart makes me a little weary. I even think the Walmart one holds you in more and the reviews are glowing. It's sort of crazy.

    1. Okay, one more question for you, because now I'm obsessed: how is the sizing? According to the charts I'd be a medium (I'm a size 8 on top, 10 on the bottom), but the reviews are saying size up.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I braved Wal-mart on Friday and bought two! In size Medium, you were definitely right to not size up. I got the black and a neon pink that's not online, wore both, and I am in love! Thank you again!

    4. Don't size up. I typically wear a 12 (sometimes a 10) and at first I sized up like the reviews said with an XL and it was waaay too big. I then got the L and it was perfect. I think people are thrown off by the initial snugness of the lyrica, but it's supposed to fit that way to keep things in place. :)

    5. Yay! Glad it worked out. I just ordered the purple since I already have the black, but I am jealous you got a neon pink! Happy summer to you and your new swimsuit!

  5. Oh, those shoes are in my size. Must resist . . .

  6. Wet velvet!!!!! I AM DEAD.

    Those shoes... omg! I have the flats but I really want the pumps. I didn't even know there were pumps! I need a half size up though. :(