Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Online Shopping 101: Price Adjustments.

A quick lesson in online shopping! Marianne and I both bought these Steven booties last Friday, which were on sale, and yesterday I checked the site and OMG they'd been marked down another $30 and now they're $44.70. PRICE ADJUSTMENT TIME.

Most reputable sites will honor a one-time price adjustment so we both emailed Shopbop and got credited the difference almost immediately. So now the $74.50 silver* boots are $44.70 silver boots and all's right with the world.

*Hey, you know how the picture makes the boots look gold? That's because they are most definitely gold. Do not be fooled by the product color descriptor of "silver." Also, they are true to size if anyone is thinking about taking a final sale risk!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing an outfit post featuring your pretty new "silver" (a. k. a. gold) boots! Such a great deal!


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