Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Adrien: I Do Like A Striped Dress.

If there's one thing I love, it's a striped dress. This one in particular from Banana Republic has been a favorite because of the full skirt, the structured material and just overall cuteness. It's a bummer that it shrunk:

I mean, I love it. I love the shape and I keep wearing it in spite of the fact that it's just a little too small. I've been keeping an eye out for a worthy replacement and I think this cute fit and flare dress at BR has a lot of potential (or will once it's on sale.) It's cute right? I also like this more casual option at LOFT and this Boden dress is just crazy enough to work. Everlane also has some new offerings with a very nice Breton stripe sweater dress and a comfy striped sack for those of us drinking ditch gin. 

You absolutely can't tell in these pictures but I'm wearing Spanx faux leather leggings instead of tights. I bought them during an post-holiday sale because Marianne has them and loves them but so far I'm still struggling a bit. Like, I want to believe. We shall see. (Hey, I barely wore my coated Madewell jeans last winter but this winter? They're a staple. Sometimes it just take a bit of time.)

I'm apparently gleeful about the addition of an old Gap scarf that's getting a lot of blog time lately! It's just such a good color and it plays nice with my bag. I love a bright, inexpensive scarf to bump up an outfit. This little star print scarf is pretty charming and I love this cobalt leopard print by Oasis. And here's another good leopard print for under $12!  On to details: 

I'm wearing a Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace from a few years back but there are tons of good options right now. This layered stone tassel at Loft is awfully pretty and this one at Ann Taylor would be a good dressy statement option. And I really love this more delicate version from Rebecca Minkoff. I'm also wearing my CLUSE La Boheme watch and my Lisa Freede cuff bracelet. 

Finally, bag and shoes! My bag is a Marc by Marc Globetrotter Kirsten in the best damn blue he ever made. I'd say this blue MJ hobo probably comes closest but there are other options, like this Cole Haan tassel hobo or this Blugirl Blumarine bag that's super on sale. Just saying. My boots are Vince Camuto Hadley, which aren't available anymore, but the Vince Camuto Franell would be a nice update! That's all I've got today, kids. Thanks for reading.


  1. I have the Spanx faux leather leggings and struggle with them too. They're just so super form-fitting that I will only wear them with a super long, baggy sweater and boots. I find my J Crew pixie pants much more flexible. I can't tell if it's just all in my head!

    1. Yes, they definitely require coverage! This is exactly my struggle.

  2. I'll take the shrunken dress, when you're ready to hand it down that is.