Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adrien: Back In The Saddle.

Oh my Goooood. I just had 11 days off work and it was amazing and it's nearly over and I could basically cry. I might cry. I'm trying not to cry. Instead, I'll show you the cute blouse Marianne bought me a while back: 

She sent me this Kate Spade Saturday blouse (found at Marshalls) after my Everlane trials because who doesn't want a pretty green blouse? KS Saturday doesn't exist anymore, but never fear, I have green blouses for you. I have two of this LOFT utility blouse and it comes in a beautiful deep green. This Ann Taylor blouse in emerald is also quite pretty and this $18 Apt 9 blouse comes in a really good green. And, if money were no object? Oh, this one for sure

I'm wearing the blouse with my favorite Fidelity Sola jeans (mine are the coronado wash) which have been such a good purchase for me this year. I can't say enough good things about them and I desperately want another pair. Maybe a straight leg style or a cropped pair?

Daniel came by to say hi. His next stop is usually to rub his face vigorously against the tripod and you can't tell me he doesn't know exactly how annoying that is. I love you, buddy. On to details! 

My necklace is Dylanlex and it came in my RZ Box of Style. It's exclusive to the box but this one at Banana is quite similar. You could also get the same look with this pearl bib necklace and ooh, how cool is this dark geo focal necklace?  My Alexis Bittar ring is from last winter's Box of Style and it's always fun to wear. This Laundry by Shelli Segal is really similar but I also love this more subtle open wire style by Alexis Bittar. 

My bag is the same old MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo I keep carrying around because it's just so right. Also, uh, there's a red one on eBay* for under $100 and it's KILLING ME. I've got my new little faux fur pom clipped on because why not? (Also, you should get one. Don't overthink it.) I just talked about my boots recently (Vince Camuto, old) but if you're looking for a similar pair, I'd check out these on sale at Madewell. Or these. Hooray, boots for everyone. 

*Not my auction! Please ask the seller questions, etc. before bidding. 


  1. You look wonderful, and I loved KS Saturday and was so sad to see it go. Off to buy my faux fur pompom now...

  2. That color is bonkers pretty on you!


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