Thursday, January 26, 2017

Regret and Silver Boots.

A: The new way to wear a tee apparently involves wearing it with clothes.

M: Crap, all along I've been using them as grocery bags???!

A: Well, you're TOTALLY wrong. You're supposed to wear them with pants??


A: Does Siri wear clothes? Related: Got this t-shirt wrapped around one leg. #fashion

M: I keep thinking about your micro wardrobe problem and want to help.


A: Seriously, though. I want to do this without buying a bunch of stuff  and I also have to be work-appropriate. I do wear my black coated jeans to work (which I shouldn't) but regular jeans only on Fridays.

M: Oh I don't really have ways to help but I don't think a wrap dress is going to help you unless you turn into someone who would wear a wrap dress as a duster and that does not seem like you. Same with layering over a turtleneck.

A: I don't own a turtleneck, so.

M: See? I'm not helpful.

A: My wardrobe is not cut out for this.

M: You don't like turtlenecks, right? They are nice for layering. I don't know. I liked the culottes so don't listen to me.

A: I don't like having my neck constricted. I'll admit the culottes are growing on me but I'm not sure it's a look I could personally pull off?

M: Oh it would be a disaster on me, full stop.

A: My main thing is, I don't want to change my style to do this challenge but I've also got some glaring holes in my wardrobe. It's dumb, really.

M: Yeah it's tough for sure. I think I could do it but that's only because I wear the same shit all the time.

A: I do too! Most of what I picked so far is stuff I wear all the time it's just not very mix-and-match.

M: Clearly you need culottes and silver boots. I mean I just looked at her outfits again and I'm mad that she makes it look so easy with such unique choices. But I do like the idea of it pushing you to wear stuff you don't wear as much. IDK. it's hard.

A: I know, I was thinking maybe it would force me to wear stuff I've been neglecting (like one of my two remaining skirts) but that seems like a different challenge. This is so much harder than I thought it would be! And I still really want those silver boots. Imma find them.

A: God dammit.

M: Well that's not helping anything.

A: If I had silver ankle boots I could just wear a sack and nobody would notice.

M: Ooh shiny.

A: Ugh, those are beautiful! I wish the heel was an inch shorter.


A: 😭😭😭

M: Okay back to your list. A denim shirt? Maybe that color blocked Boden dress? You could wear a sweater over it...god I don't know. Sorry I just gave right up.

A: I am mad at that dress right now. And my Everlane sweaters are so slouchy they look like hot shit with any kind of skirt.


M: This is stupid.

A: Well, I can't wear a sheer blouse with distressed jeans or an off the shoulder top with half a dress to work. Or at all. I also don't look like a moddle.

M: Oh I mean the whole idea. It's just torturing yourself.

A: #FullofRegret

Note: I still plan on doing this but it might be a while. 


  1. OK, I have silver boots and I wear them so often that I bought gold boots this year too. Gold was harder to find; I didn't want them too shiny or too straight up disco. Crackly gold was my solution.

    Your micro wardrobe challenge could be random things that Jenna Lyons would wear together. "My Barbour jacket, the Loft squirrel blouse, and my sequin leggings! Of course!"

  2. I've been eyeing these boots:,10/2671590766

  3. Damn! Now I want these!


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