Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Clearance Bargains!

There are some really good bargains on the TJ Maxx site right now but I can't take credit for finding all of them - Nina and her magical eye has alerted me to some of this good stuff.

First, this classic black Cole Haan textured leather tote?

It is $60. Sixty. Dollars. You guys. It also comes in a freaking gorgeous peacock green but that one hasn't been clearance priced yet (though still a good deal.)  Nina's really great find is this Jojo leather crossbody:

Originally $320 marked down to $52 in four cute colors. That turquoise would be a great little summer bag and I love the bright tangerine too. 

There are also sweaters bargains! A few in limited sizing by Theory (wool crewneck) and Vince (long cardi, wool crewneck) but my favorite for obvious reasons is this Theory cashmere cardigan


It's $49! It looks so cozy! Yay for gin sweaters!  It's too much like my Grana cardigan to tempt me but for freaking $49 someone should snap that up. I also like this Theory shawl collar cardigan:

It's less exciting being a wool blend and all, but $49 is still a fair price for Theory which I've always thought was a bit too big for it's britches anyway. Hmph. 

Finally, because we all need a bit of cheerful bling in the dead of winter, these Lulu Frost earrings, while not clearance priced as yet, are still a screamingly good deal:


Retail price: $195. TJ Maxx price: $24.99. Really, how can you beat that? 


  1. A few days ago they were stocked with SO much unicorn and glitter bomb amazingness. Like SO SO much. I hit the absolute motherlode for the low low total of about $150. I hate going to TJ Maxx brick and mortar stores, but man, I love their online store!!!

    1. Oh man, I'm sorry I missed the amazingness!


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