Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Favorite Style Purchases of 2016.

You know what's anxiety-inducing? Pawing back through a year of blog posts to figure out what you bought over the year. The results weren't bad, though. I was pleased to realize that I a) hadn't actually bought a ton of stuff and b) really liked most of what I bought. There were a few unfortunate choices (like the white LOFT jeans that ended up being way too big) but on the whole I think I did okay. 

I generally don't like adding in newer purchases for this recap because they haven't really proven themselves yet, but I will say that I am wearing the ever-loving shit out of my new Cole Haan down coat - it's warm, super lightweight, and the pretty silver color just cheers me up.  I'm also really loving my Bijouone screw cuff bracelet. It's fantastic quality and really cool looking. (Though if you get one, screw it on tight. Mine has come loose once or twice.) Now, my Favorite Style Purchases of 2016:

This is actually kind of a new purchase but I've worn it so often since I bought it that it's earned Favorite status. (Look for it in an outfit post soon!) It's easy to dress up and also works great dressed down with jeans and boots. The "midnight vine" print unfortunately sold out, but LOFT has this blouse in other prints and solid colors (I really love this tulip print) so just know that when the utility blouse is on sale, which it is right now, it's a solid purchase.

Between my Basel booties and my Madewell Chelsea boots, my tall boots are getting completely neglected this winter. The Basel are definitely not for super cold weather (being full of holes and all) but I've been wearing them a lot. They come in a bunch of colors and leather types (blue suede!) and require no breaking in at all. Mine were immediately comfortable! I totally want another pair. 

I'm sure y'all are sick of me yapping on about these Fidelity jeans but they've just been such a good purchase for me. They were quite expensive so I'm completely relieved that they have been worth every penny. (Nothing feels worse that spending a lot on clothing that disappoints you.) Here's why they work for me: they fit like a glove all the way down, they do not stretch out or bag at the knees and, most importantly, they have a high enough rise that they don't slide down in the back. Magic. 

This jacket, you guys. Marianne bought it first and I loved it so much I haunted eBay until I found one too. It's basically perfect - interesting details, excellent pockets, a hood, just the right length. In short, it's brought me a ton of jacket joy this past year. I still love and wear my Downtown Field Jacket, but my Madewell jacket is better. So the lesson: definitely keep an eye on Madewell's collaborations, they're usually on point. And, because I don't like to leave you hanging, this Madewell Tilden Military Jacket gets pretty high praise and looks quite similar to mine. 

Honorable Mention: I really probably should add my black MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo to this list since I did purchase it in 2016, but I'd already included my cement bag in the 2015 Favorites list and it felt like cheating! I will say that this particular style (obviously) works great for me and I'm really sorry they've stopped making it. There are a ton on eBay, though some are other MJ styles mislabeled. This NWT auction for the black version looks like a fair deal! Also, check Saks Off Fifth if you have a store near you. They have a good section of past-season MJ bags. 

Now, please tell me your best style purchases! I love hearing about what you guys have bought. 


  1. My favorite style purchases of the year are the Everlane Ryan tanks and tees (bought them right before they were discontinued, and I love them....I wear one of these tops at least once a week!) and a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air peep toe heels (so comfy and can wear to work or for going out). I'm sure there are some other things but those stand out.

  2. I have been getting so many compliments on my Bijuoune bracelet. I'm so glad you posted about it!

  3. I bought three of those long sweater things from Anthropologie. They're long like to your knees long, sleeveless and have a turtleneck. And a slit down the side. You have to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath them in the winter. What do you call those? Clearly I'm obsessed. But I love them.

  4. My guilty pleasure this year was a Sam Edelman navy blue faux fur coat. It is sooo soft and has those elegant hook eye closures like a vintage fur. Plus it is obviously fake (navy leopards?), and so seems a bit of silly fun. I wear it all the time, which surprised me. Still available at Nordstrom Rack in medium and large.

  5. Inspired by you, I was on the hunt for grey perforated booties, and no luck...though I did get some nice grey booties with a bit of a heel from Old Navy that I am happy with and some knock off black booties with perforations at the top. Also, happy with my Old Navy rockstar jeggings. They are my third purchase of the rock star fit and nice and dark and stretchy! Thanks for a great blog!


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