Thursday, March 10, 2016

Adrien: Apologies in Advance.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry about what I'm about to do. You'll understand in a minute. For now, we'll start with the basic look:

I'm wearing an old striped shirt from BR, though I have to admit I'm a bit tempted by their most recent offerings even though I know better. This one is especially tempting with the boatneck and the high/low version is pretty cute. Yay stripes. My cropped pants are also BR (basically these) but my pair has some moto detail that's totally lost in photos. I'm also wearing my aubergine Lotta t-straps which I highly recommend. 

Details! My necklace is the Madewell Ensign pendant and my watch is a Cluse La Bohème in rose gold. I consider it jewelry and occasionally remember that it tells time. Handy. Speaking of Madewell jewelry, they're currently offering an extra 30% off of sale stuff so please someone buy the Wishbone Lariat or the Willowfringe necklace. Save me from myself. 

That damn pewter bag again. I carry it a lot because it's neutral but the shine makes a bit fancy. This MBMJ tote would definitely fit the bill or this one from Vince Camuto, which is so sleek. For my bargain pick I think this tassel tote at Nordstrom looks way more expensive than it is. 

Okay, so now I'm on to the part where you might get mad at me. See, a while ago Marianne bought this wonderful Madewell et Sézane jacket (which sold out pretty quickly afterwards) and every time she posted a pic on our Instagram I was just all *sad face*. Then she came to visit and I got to see it and try it on and I was sunk. Sunk! Luckily she doesn't seem to mind my SWF ways so I started trolling eBay and I finally found one. And you guys, it's SO GOOD:

It looks cute zipped up with the leather trim and goes well with my favorite scarf and it's so soft and comfortable! And you can't buy it! I'm truly sorry. Cold comfort, but this hooded jacket at Madewell isn't too far off and they also have a shorter version with no hood.  There's also this one over at ModCloth which looks awfully nice. I'm sorry, I'm trying. 

Eep. I love that it covers my rear and has deep pockets and a hood. I love a hood: 

I'll just see myself out now. 


  1. I have the Nordstrom tassel bag and it is quite great. Don't sleep, tassel-lovers!

  2. This is good too at Modcloth. it's a blazer with a hood:

  3. Great look! That coat is perfect- it's got just the right "slim casual" air to it, invaluable! I can see why you went for it. comfortable yet chic, outdoorsy yet urban cool, put together yet throw-on, layerable without looking stupid- AND pockets!

    (I don't bother buying any coats or blazers or whatnot that aren't 7/8ths or 3/4s or at least bum-covering- I just find it more elegant and versatile.)

    And loving the outfit, too- neutrals suit you very well- they highlight the glow of your hair and eyes (that sounds weird, but hey :) without distracting from them. Matte silver or pewter (and matte gold too) are lovely neutrals- to me they are like pearls- they illuminate subtly. (and they work equally well with a winter or spring pallor, and likewise an autumn or summer glow, so they are workhorses as well as delightful).

    Yup, and it's a new stripe season. Always fun- (I wonder sometimes what the genetic programming towards stripe-attraction is- I'm like a bee to a flower as soon as I see them, in any form; it's crazy.)


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