Friday, March 18, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Let's Talk Sam Rockwell.

You guys, not all my famous boy crushes are the usual pretty things. I like character and quirk and a bit of darkness. This means I like Sam Rockwell. A lot:

 I first saw him in a weirdly great little movie called Lawn Dogs:

I mean, he looked like this aaaaand didn't wear a shirt for most of the movie:

YEP. He was also adorably dorky (and then charmingly jerky) in Charlie's Angels:

And then he blew me away in Moon, which you should see if you haven't (I mean, David Bowie's kid made it. It's great. You should see it.):

And there's this thing he does, this little smirk? It works for me:


ALSO, apparently his longtime girlfriend is Leslie Bibb, with whom I went to high school. (We were in a play together!) How did I not know this? It makes me simultaneously proud of her and also a very, very jealous. But mostly proud. (Go on with your bad self, Leslie! I like your style):

Aw, this makes me happy. Sort of.


  1. I could totally get on board with this... if he hadn't been the super weird/creepy inmate in The Green Mile. Every time I see his face, all I can think of is him spitting that masticated moonpie all over David Morse's face. Hey! Now that I think about it, David Morse could be nominated for Cute Boy Friday:

  2. Gawd, I loved Moon. And the soundtrack was so good. I think I love Mr. Rockwell in everything, he is always interesting and watchable. Guy Fleegle! And I love Leslie Bibb too, so basically your post has made my week.

  3. I'm totally with you on this one! Did you see him in The Way Way Back? Totally adorable.