Monday, March 7, 2016

We Are Eating Our Cod.

A: I really want the black Everlane Ankle Street Boots but ..springtime.

M: Yeah, I would wait.  You'll get them and then spring and no boots.

A: I need to think about sandals and swimsuits.

M: Yes! That's where I am.

A: I haven't bought a new swimsuit in three years.

M: LOFT has some really cute ones.

A: LOFT? Really?

M: Yes!

A: I had no idea. Is it online only?

M: Looks like it is online exclusive, ugh. I love this one:

Colorblock Corset One Piece
A: Cuuuute! I like this:

Reversible Wave Bikini

M: Adorable. I also love the one piece with the cut-out:

Rainforest Floral One Piece

A: Yes! This is cute too:

Paisley Corset One Piece
M: Yes that too

A: Definitely into this collection:

Colorblock Bikini

M: Same

A: Definitely not into the idea of trying on swimsuits.


A: Cold sweat. Dizzy. Nope.

M: Yes I want to die.

A: I need to eat my cod.

M: It's like you aren't even trying.



A: I am just talking about the cod. I am not eating the cod.

M: I eat a lot of cod and by cod I mean Girl Scout cookies.

A: Oh! Are they the same?

M: Yes! Imma write a book.

A: Imma buy that book

M: I did order a new suit but I haven't tried it on yet. Maybe I'll have another cookie.

A: Good plan. Get prepared.

M: This is how it works, right?

A: Totes.


  1. Check out Target online too - they have some great suits that rival my Nanette Lepore for me this year... I bought when they were buy one get one half price and ended up keeping a cut out one and this one with pineapples... so good.

  2. In cod we trust! If by "cod," we mean "Girl Scout cookies."


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