Thursday, March 17, 2016

Adrien: Cheerful Old Thing.

Confession: I had another outfit from earlier in the week that I was going to post today but it came out so gloomy, I just couldn't do it. Instead I decided turn things around with my favorite (and probably most-posted) BCBG dress:

Six years and going strong! This was a good purchase. I get compliments every time I wear it probably because you can't miss me. It's obviously long gone (maybe eBay?) but BCBG is still bringing the print crazy. Nobody will miss you in this bright leaf print and there are super-inexpensive one-offs (generally in tiny sizes) on sites like Off 5th. If BCBG isn't your thing but you like a crazy print, I am quietly obsessed with this type of graphic floral neoprene nonsense.  Also, this ASOS dress is fascinating. Yay crazy prints. 

Seeeee, don't I look HAPPY. I sometimes wear this dress because I need cheering up.  I threw on that neglected blazer of mine and eh. I don't like it as much over a dress: 

Here's a detail shot: 

I do like having an interesting blazer with an inverted lapel but I think it just works better with jeans and such.  This Halston jacket is pretty close to mine and I'm still eyeing this bright blue Mango version.  

Do I need to blather on about the beauty of a red bag and how much you need one? Sure, why not. If money were no object? Lordy this is beautiful. For the rest of us I think this Cole Haan bag is basically perfection and this cute quilted doctor satchel is my bargain pick. I mean, under $30? Come on. 

Stuff! I'm wearing my crazy Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace and I implore someone to buy this marked-down Lulu tassel immediately because it's killing me. I have two giant tassel necklaces! I'm good! I might have also bought this one recently. Oops.  My bracelet is MBMJ best seen here

Finally, my Chies. I love the gold buckles. There's nothing much like these but this pair of Clarks pumps has the same general feel and Miz Mooz does a nice retro pump. And hey, if you wear a size 11 you might just want to buy this pair of Chie mary janes. I'm such a terrible enabler. 

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