Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Adrien: Such a Pro

The in-between weather has been exhausting my patience when it comes to getting dressed, so I'll admit it's been a lot of the same black pants with whatever top happens to be clean. Fashion! It's amazing anyone reads this thing. I finally tried to pull it together and look professional and that's where a wrap dress comes in handy:

This one is from Ann Taylor and it's pretty old, but I love the DVF-ish print. I'm not going to say that wrap dresses are universally flattering because that's not true, but they are forgiving and versatile. My dress is long gone, but I love this ginko print wrap at Ann Taylor and this trellis print is also pretty classic. If classic bores you there's this BCBG dress to liven things up or this bright leaf print looks like fun. Finally, I would suggest going for the Von Furstenberg original (marked down, of course) at least once. Worth it.

I'm carrying my old Andrea Brueckner lock satchel which I've held onto because it reminds me of a Mulberry Bayswater. I'd say this sweet MBMJ bag would be a nice replacement or this classic satchel from Cole Haan. Both are on sale! My budget pick would be this structured lock satchel at Target. My bracelet is an encrusted version of the Giles and Brother Tiny Cortina bracelet and my necklace is some old thing from Charming Charlie but I like this one from The Limited better and, whoa, now I want this chain fringe version.

Torturing you again with my red Chie Miharas. A red Chie pump is never a bad idea but Miz Mooz does a great job too.  To avoid freezing to death, I threw on a cropped jacket from back when I loved everything at Banana Republic:

They do currently have this little textured cropped jacket which doesn't look bad and I don't mind the crazy of the chiffon fringed jacket either, but neither have quite the retro cuteness of mine: 

I love it even though I never wear it all buttoned up. Fashion! I am bad at it. 


  1. I am wearing a very similar blue and black jersey dress today, and now extremely regret the missed opportunity to have worn red boots. You look smashing.

  2. It looks so chic and cute all buttoned up!

  3. Love that dress!

    "...back in the days when I loved everything at Banana Republic..."
    Ah, those were good times...