Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Adrien: This Is What Happens.

So, something happens when I have too much time off and not enough to do in the real world. I start dressing like a hobo. I mean, I revel in dressing like a hobo. It comes on real easy and as the days progress I fall deeper into my sloth. On December 31st I threw on the same clothes I'd been wearing all week and looked in the mirror and was like, you know what? This is actually kind of cute and I took a selfie (like you do) which you can see on Instagram.  I also decided to photograph it for reals because why not:

Man, I love this striped shirt. It's from Grana (my referral link which will get you 10% off your first order) and I used credits for it (thanks!) but I'd happily have spent money on it. It's just the right amount of slouchy and is super comfortable. The colorway I'm wearing is gone but is still available in a short sleeve version

I added my favorite gin cardigan which is also from Grana and is unfortunately sold out, but the same color is available in a v-neck sweater. My jeans are an older pair from Banana Republic who isn't carrying any distressed denim right now. This pair is probably the closest, though, honestly? I'm crazy for this Madewell pair. They do such a good job with denim. For a tighter budget, Old Navy has a cute pair or two!  On to details: 

My garnet ring is a gift from Marianne and my Lisa Freede bracelet was a gift from Nina! I can't find either online, but this Vince Camuto bracelet is really similar to mine.  I'm also wearing my ancient J.Crew locket which is still one of my favorite necklaces though it's lost more than a few stones. This one at J.Crew looks like a good, if safe, replacement though I'm crazy about this weird House of Harlow piece. And hahahaha if money were no object. Yeah. Whew. 

My bag is my Cambridge Satchel Co Twist Lock satchel and it's always fun to carry when I need a smaller bag. Cambridge is having a really good sale right now! 40% off quite a few bags including the large pushlock in damson. If you want something similar but a bit more retro-cool, I am loving this little camera bag at Madewell

My sneakers are embarrassingly grubby but that's kind of the theme I'm working with today, right? They're Converse slip low and I love them except that they only look right worn without socks but I hate how they feel sockless. My solution is Bombas Invisibles which I'm wearing and which are totally visible because I bought a size too big. I have a smaller pair on the way because they are SO GOOD. Thin and comfortable with grippy stuff in the heel so they don't slip off. Yay for Bombas. And for sloth and comfort in general.

PS. Daniel stopped by to say hi. He's wearing his winter tabby striped suit, as per usual. It's NFS.


  1. I am only a LITTLE sad that the invisibles do not have the Bomba bee or honeycomb on them. I will still try a few pairs because good socks are a rare thing.

  2. YES!!! The hobo dressing does tend to take me over as well! Stripe shirts and comfy jeans for the win!