Thursday, June 23, 2016

Adrien: Best Laid Plans in Black and White.

So, you know that morning when you wake up extra early so you have time to get your outfit shots just right and of course there's a violent thunderstorm outside making everything dark and the power is flickering and you forgot to put lipstick on and one of your giant lights keeps tipping over and OH MY GOD WHATEVER. Here:

Okay, first of all, I'm mad about the lipstick. I'm also mad I didn't size down in these white LOFT jeans because I really like them and they're falling off me. So annoying, LOFT. They're back up to full price on the site but white straight leg is on sale and so are the Lou & Grey white flares.  I really want this pair by AG but that ain't gonna happen. Ugh. Oh, and despite my general love for Old Navy right now the white Rockstars are a war crime. Trust me. 

That's me praying that the power doesn't go out. I'm wearing a great slub tank from Banana Republic from last year. It's a good, swingy top. This year's version is striped (!) but this slub tee also looks like a nice option. Has anyone tried this Everlane linen muscle tank? It has potential. I also love this Splendid slub crossover-back tank but is too many dollars. 

I am not mad at this necklace though. It's the Beaded Tassel Necklace and it's so cute! The tassels are a little fluffy but I love how sparkly the beads are. So good against dark colors. LOFT has definitely jumped on the tassel trend. This one is a great summery option and this is just straight pretty (and basically free.) My bracelet is so old I don't even remember where I got it but this pavĂ© version is a nice upgrade and how cool is this Geo Cuff bracelet

My old faithful MBMJ Hillier Hobo. I really should replace it one of these days. The newer hobos from MJ are great but the leather is a bit different and I like mine a lot despite it being sad and worn. I'm not going to lie, though, the price on this black New Too Hot To Handle hobo at NR is KILLING ME. Man, that is a good deal. Moving on before I cry:

This is a not-very-good picture of my awesome TOMS strappy wedges in a grey metallic denim. This particular color is long gone but they also come in a metallic suede, cute patterns, and...okay. Get Out And Vote wedges. With removable charms. This is a thing. Huh. Sure. I think my work is done here.


  1. I had that black Too Hot To Handle in my cart at Nordstrom Rack last week and pushed it around the whole store like a baby before grudgingly putting it back on the shelf before I checked out. My husband would kill me. But it's half off! (Also, the Alexis Bittar event on the NR site right now is FULL of lucite temptation.)

  2. Uh so I bought this Too Hot to Handle. I had the old version and then stupidly, stupidly sold it and funneled those proceeds towards a MBMJ New Q Fran Shopper which, it must be said, I despise. I had been trying to talk myself into liking it but I cannot. So now I'll sell that one and maybe someone will love it. Thank you for the link!

    1. Well done! It's such a good price and I think you'll like the newer version. Was the issue with the Fran the double rolled handles? I can't handle double handles.

    2. Yes! Those handles, plus the exposed metal magnet closure which drives me bananas. Also I should have known better but it turns out I really like a bag I can throw over my shoulder, and the cross body strap that comes with the Fran makes it awkward to carry. I shall never look back!