Friday, June 17, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: LOFT Is Seriously Cute Right Now.

LOFT is really doing it right this summer - lots of breezy looks and 40%-50% off most of it to boot! Here's what I like:


  1. I was just in there today and they have the cutest patterned shorts right now. I nabbed a striped sailor-style pair for only $17!

  2. yup that's all very cute, good selection.

    Warning on the sunglasses though; I got an extremely similar pair at F21 (like exactly the same, only difference is that mine are tan-tinted frames, not totally clear) and they are USELESS as sunglasses- the sun refracts right through the transparent frames and gets behind the lenses, beaming straight into your eyeballs, they're the worst. Which sucks because they're cute as hell.


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