Thursday, June 9, 2016

Adrien: Stuff I Forget I Have.

I feel like I've probably worn this exact combo sometime in the past but it's been long enough that we've all forgotten about it, hopefully. Just my usual blousy top and skinny pants routine:

This top is another of my old Ann Taylor sale rack finds. It's not the most flattering thing I own but it's cute enough and easy to wear. There are some cute tops at Ann Taylor right now! This dotted top has the exact same cut with the side vents and I really like this palm print top. I think I've posted it before but this trapeze top just looks so comfortable. Finally, this shadow dot shell looks like the kind of oversized, floaty thing I like. An eating top. Yes. 

I attempted to tuck it in but it never lasts. My cropped utility pants are J.Crew and are long gone, but they have the Skinny Stretch Cargo that's nearly identical. LOFT also has a cute pair right now that's a bit more relaxed and I love this badass zippy version at Bloomingdales. 

Details! I'm wearing my beaded spike pendant from Banana, though I'm currently very into this Vince Camuto resin spike necklace. Wouldn't it look nice against a black top? I also love this beautiful turquoise House of Harlow spike pendant that's on sale! My watch is a rose gold Cluse La Bohème and the little sparkly bracelet is handmade by Marianne. 

My LV speedy always cheers me up. I don't know that I'll ever spend that kind of money on a bag again, but I'll always have a red bag in my closet. I'm not generally a D&B fan but how cheerful is this red leather satchel? Slight less structured, this red Ash bag is a steal and looks like such good, squishy leather. For my bargain pick, this perfectly minimal red crossbody at ModCloth is just the coolest.

Finally, my sandals! This is a really old pair from Ann Taylor but it's not hard to find cute gold sandals. This braided leather pair at AT is so freaking cute and if money were no object I'd buy this winged pair by Ancient Greek in a second. Aren't they ridiculous? I love them. This BP pair is priced more for my world, though. Sigh


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