Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): More TJ Maxx Finds.

Oh yes, I'm still stalking the TJ Maxx site, no shame. You can't search the site by brand name but I have managed to dig out a few good deals to further enable you. First of all, I want to tell you how much it hurts my feelings that they have beautiful Alexander McQueen bags mixed in with the regular stuff all, shrug NBD. It makes me want to weep. But! I also found this excellent MBMJ Ligero bucket bag in the best grey color for $180:

And this completely adorable bright blue zip-around MBMJ wallet for under $80:

There are a few other MBMJ bags on the site but nothing I was super excited about.  Edited to add: here's a blue leather MBMJ tote for $80! (With thanks to the anonymous commenter!)

They also have that really nice Vince Camuto Leila tote I keep yammering on about for under $100 in white: 

And...I also think this Alexis Bittar lucite bracelet is really beautiful and I'm going to go cry now. 


  1. Hi Adrien, even better, one of the bags from your previous tjmaxx post, aquamarine MBMJ leather tote, is now actually on clearance for $80! it doesn't show up easily, but if you click on the link from your post - it'll take you there. Kat

  2. One of my favorite work distractions is mining the TJ Maxx site and playing 'guess the designer' before clicking the Reveal Designer button. I'm at about 85%.

  3. That bracelet in black cherry is KILLING ME.


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