Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Adrien: This One Requires Help.

So hey, you know my favorite Ann Taylor leopard print dress? I actually have a second one in a different pattern. I bought both of these back in 2010 and have worn the leopard print version a lot. The ikat? Depsite being the same size it's a tighter fit and I can only get away with it in the summer when I'm exercising a lot and also Spanx:

Despite it's bodycon nature, I do really like this dress. The colors are ridiculous and the ikat pattern does weird magic things. This Maggie London dress has a great ikat print and so does this one by Karen Kane. I also love the casual blue print on this dress (but you know I like a tassel.) Also, melting ikat. Sure. That is a thing.

I wish Ann Taylor still made this particular dress. A washable stretch jersey sheath dress with a fun cowl neckline? That is wardrobe gold. This one by Ralph Lauren is about the closest I could find, design wise, and there's this one in blue.  On to the details:

I'm wearing my old J.Crew locket necklace which has lost a few stones, but I still dig it. Marianne has this one from House of Harlow and this cool Zig Zag Sunburst necklace also "doubles as a locket for versatility." (What does that mean, House of Harlow?) My bracelet is an encrusted version of the Giles and Brother skinny cortina cuff

Shoes and bag! Are you sick of my Chie obsession? They seriously last forever so I just keep wearing them. This pair of Chie Mihara sandals has the cute little buckle thing going on and this pair is probably the closest in overall design.

My pewter bag is an old MBMJ Mag Bag in Fool's Gold. Do you have a metallic bag yet? Surprisingly versatile. I'm not usually a MK fan but this pale gold satchel is beautifully subtle and a really classic shape. For something less structured (and less expensive) check out this Mellow World hobo in metallic champagne.

That's it for today! I am weirdly pleased to realize that everything I'm wearing is something I've had for ages. Sometimes I get it right.

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