Friday, June 3, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Showing My Age.

Are y'all watching Grace and Frankie? Season 2 just came out and I am SO excited. I love it so much and Lily Tomlin is just amazing. Also amazing are all the old hotties they keep trotting out in front of me. Now, I should start by saying that Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, while talented, don't really do much for me unless we're talking about young Martin Sheen in which case, let's take a moment:

I had to keep checking to make sure I wasn't actually posting pics of Emilio or Charlie. Dang. Those are some strong genes. Anyway, the real breakout Cute Boy for me is Ernie Hudson. Yes, I know he was a Ghostbuster. But you guys:


I know, right? How am I just seeing this? Maybe I needed a little age on me to recognize what a fine looking man he is:

He's currently my favorite thing about Grace & Frankie right now. Hi there, hot yam farmer. Also! They just trotted out Sam Elliott and I am all, THAT IS RIGHT, SHOW. PLAY THAT CARD. Because who doesn't love Sam Elliott? Remember him in Mask? (Uh, I do. I am old.)

SO CHARMING. SO SMIRKY. THAT HAIR. Also, he apparently looked like this once upon a time:

Holy cow. The current Sam Elliott is just as smirky and charming as he ever was:

PS. Sam Elliott reading Bad Blood with his amazing voice. Yep. Thanks, Internet. 


  1. Ernie Hudson ages very, very well. He had excellent good looks to begin with but he's a bastard who gets better with age. Not fair. The original Sheen ages well, too. His sons don't do a thing for me--mainly their behavior is huge turnoff. If you want to talk amazing hot stuff when young and still has ... it ... Tom Selleck and oh my goodness, the original Mr. Bond.

  2. I just got into this show last week and I have 4 episode left of Season 2! I am LOVING all the eye candy!!!

  3. I have always loved Sam Elliott. But sans mustache, he looks a little too much like a young Leslie Nielsen to me. Much prefer the more mature Sam... :-)


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