Monday, June 27, 2016

Reader Question: Black Tie Wedding Gown, Part Two.

Part one of this reader question can be found here. In part two I'm going to make some suggestions for how to fancy up the dress she already owns. Because really, unless you find a black-tie-appropriate dress you absolutely love and that can be worn again, it's depressing to spend that kind of money on a one-wear item.

Again, this is the dress she already has:

It's a perfect canvas and would be easy to glam up with some sparkly costume jewelry. One of my favorite places to find affordable costume jewelry is Ann Taylor. They have a  few really cute blingy necklaces right now. This one would be a fun choice since it's a summer wedding:

I also think this bib necklace would be an interesting and not-too-classic choice:

Or go full-glam with something like this one:

Whee! They also have matching earrings which I love because duh, tassel:

Or, go minimal on the earrings and wear this bracelet instead:

My dream fancy jewelry is Lulu Frost but most of what I love is way out of reasonable range, price-wise.  But, ooh, TJ Maxx.  This pair of Lulu Frost earrings  are the right kind of fancy:

And, oh, Alexis Bittar. How pretty would this necklace be with a long flowy black dress:

Or, throw caution to the wind and wear THE HELL out of this crazy BR necklace:

Now all you'd need is a pair of sparkly sandals and a pretty wrap. Can you wear flat sandals to a black tie event? I don't know, but I think this Vince Camuto pair is really pretty:

Or you could go with something like this sandal with a fashiony block heel:

Or, play it a bit more demure with this metallic kitten heel sandal from J.Crew:

Throw on something like this silk chiffon wrap and you're good to go! You only had to buy eleventy million accessories instead of a pricey dress and eleventy million accessories. You win. 

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  1. SHINY! This is amazing. Thank you!
    I'm smitten with the Alexis Bittar necklace... oh. dear.


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