Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Adrien: Summer For Reals.

Yay! I can finally just wear summer clothes without worrying about the temperature. It's good stuff and I have the farmer's tan to prove it:

This dress! I bought it a few years ago from the Gap. I love a cute shift dress with an off-kilter animal print. This one by Amore Vert is right on the money (but pls not to wear over a turtleneck) and this one at Nordstrom is gorgeous. I am also loving this cool plus option from Calvin Klein and eep! This Trina Turk shift! Damn cute. 

Ha, my arms! Nice. I am sure by now you're wondering about that large, blindingly white lump I'm carrying. It's my latest eBay mistake, a MBMJ Faridah:

It looks great, right? Nope. It's painted. It must have been a total mess because it's been coated with some kind of white leather paint. It looks good but it feels...painted. I got my money back and was told to keep the bag so I guess I'll use it anyway. I do absolutely love the Faridah style - It's a big bag but not heavy and comfortable to carry. There are always lots of them on eBay (just avoid white.)  This one in dark blue looks good and this one in Fool's Gold has a bit of wear but it's such a great color! If eBay isn't your thing, this quilted straw MJ tote is pretty nice too.

Details! I'm wearing a scarab pendant from BR. How much do I love a scarab beetle? These Lucky Brand earrings are so cute and how beautiful is this necklace? Banana Republic has apparently moved on to sea life. So Fishy! My bracelets are both Giles and Brother. I'm wearing an encrusted Tiny Cortina cuff and a Pied-De-Biche cuff with Tiger' Eye hooves.

My sandals are Chie Mihara but every time I pull out that shift dress I wish I had yellow sandals to wear with it. Maybe a little too matchy-matchy but I still think this pair of Chies would be perfect. Of course. This pair of Lucky Brand wedges is probably a more realistic choice, but the heart wants what it wants. Sigh

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