Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beauty Review: Benefit Hoola, Dew the Hoola, Zero Tanlines.

I recently made a very boring Sephora order because I was out of my beloved PTR Un-Wrinkle peel pads and my even more beloved Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm. It's not really exciting to reorder stuff but if you wait until the the samples and promotions are good? Things get more interesting. Here's the loot:

With my order I got three regular samples: Fresh rose skincare, Verb shampoo/conditioner and Dior One Essential City Defense SPF 50. I have yet to try any of them yet. I also had enough VIB points to get two 100 point bonuses: Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Glace and Josie Maran Protect and Perfect Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. I've tried both of them and I'm underwhelmed. I like the texture of the Bite lip crayon but the color is too pale and cool for me. The Josie Maran sunscreen is good stuff but a bit... sunscreeny. (I'm pretty spoiled by the non-sticky texture of my Shiseido Senka.)

I used a code I found in the Sephora promotions section to get a Benefit Cosmetics Hoola deluxe sample set which includes: Hoola Matte Bronzer, Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer, and Hoola Zero Tanlines. It's freaking adorable: 

This is what I'm most excited to talk about because I basically just got this to try the Hoola bronzer but I ended up loving all three products. This never happens, you guys. I mean, I'm a pretty big fan of Benefit products (OMG I want to try all the new brow stuff) but some of there products are pretty silly. I will admit I didn't really "get" the idea of liquid bronzer. First things first:

I actually did expect to like this and I really, really like this. Are you pretty pale and afraid bronzer will make your face look orange and dirty? This is the perfect bronzer for you. It's not shimmery, it's not orange AT ALL and it goes on pretty sheer. I use a fan brush and just floof it over my cheeks and anywhere the sun might hit - chin, forehead, bridge of my nose. Foolproof! I dig it. I'll probably buy this in the full size eventually. 

This product is a non-shimmery liquid bronzer and I was pretty WTF about it. I just didn't get what I was supposed to do with it.  The site recommends putting it on a bare face or over foundation but instead I mixed a little in with my Smashbox foundation which is a shade too light for me right now. AND OMG IT IS NOW PERFECT. It seriously color-corrected my foundation just enough to look right and sliiightly sunkissed without any kind of unnatural weirdness. I am impressed and using this every day.

This product is just what the title says - an all over bronzer for your non-face parts. It comes with an application sponge (I guess so you don't bronze your hands) and is not a self-tanner. It claims to transfer-resistant and last for 12 hours. I've only used this once in an attempt to blur my tragic farmer's tan:

I applied several thin layers and it went on really sheer and didn't streak. Here's the after:

Not bad, eh? You can still see my tan line but it isn't quite as harsh. (Also, I know the lighting is a bit darker in the bottom photo but what can you do?) This product wouldn't do much for someone with darker skin but for pale folks it's a good way to blur tan lines or add a little color to your arms and legs temporarily. It apparently has the "signature Hoola scent" but I don't remember even noticing that it was scented. It's subtle. 

If you're curious but don't want to commit to full-sizes, Sephora has a really cute set that includes these three products plus a (good) mascara and a lip balm. Now I want that. Ugh. 


Last year I recommended Asian exfoliating bath towels/mitts for the softest baby unicorn skin you'll ever have. I recently got this Cure Series version and it is ridiculous

Seriously. You will never feel so glowy and clean and it's long enough that you can scrub your back which is the best feeling IN THE WORLD. Just get one. Dewit. DEWIT. Get one and report back and tell me I'm right. 

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