Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adrien: Old Favorites and Stuff.

I've worn this dress on the blog quite a few times! Marianne gave it to me last year and it's become a favorite:

Sure, there's a whole lot of crap at Old Navy but I've been surprised by how well this dress has held up and the print is great, right? They do good prints! I currently love the blue coral print on this cami dress and the graphic print on this shift dress is really cool. Even the prints on their chiffon swim cover-ups are pretty! 

So, favorite cheap dress, check. I just added a big-ass red bag and a pair of heels and suddenly it looks legit. And jewelry of course:

Both necklaces are from Banana Republic but the tiny pyramid stud isn't hard to find. I really like this one by Rebecca Minkoff and it's on sale! Scarab pendants are a bit tougher to track down, but hey, this amazing Valentino is on the RealReal. Sigh. This beetle brooch at BR is also pretty cool and isn't a million dollars. 

Heeeey, creepy hand closeup! I wanted to show you guys the LUV AJ ring that matches the necklace I wore last week. They make pretty jewelry! I love this Diamond Kite Coil ring and the Open Spear ring looks a bit like mine. Mine came in my Box of Style and I'm enjoying it even though it's a little bit stabby. I apparently like stabby jewelry because I'm also wearing my Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuff bracelet. (The pave version is on sale!) It hurts to take off but I love that it fits my puny wrists.

 Bag 'n shoes time. My LV epi speedy bag I've talked about a lot, but it's such a favorite of mine. I insist that you have a red satchel in your life. Coach has been doing a nice job lately with the Mercer Satchel (half off!) and this Matt & Nat satchel would be a beautiful non-leather option.

My sandals are a pair of Chie Mihara I found on eBay a few years back and I love them. Chie really has a thing for bright orange piping on a pair of heels! And oh man, this bright yellow pair. I love.  I should also remind you that that Marianne has a cute pair of Chies for sale in the blog shop!


  1. Love your Epi Speedy. Is that a 30, because it looks huge. Either that or maybe you're tiny?

    1. Yes, it's a 30! Basically a red barn with handles.


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