Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review: Recent LOFT Order.

I'm home sick today with a really gross cold, so I've been conking out on cold meds at night instead of writing blog posts. This means instead of what I'd planned (a review post with real-life photos) you just get reviews with stock photos. Trust me, nobody needs to see my face right now anyway. 😷

LOFT generally has really good sales once or twice a month and I ordered a few things during the most recent 50% off sale (after missing the sale two days before that. Seriously. Never pay full price, you guys.)

Boatneck Swing Dress
I mentioned this dress in a previous entry because I'd tried in on in the store and really liked it. It wasn't on sale or I probably would've just bought it on the spot. It's pretty simple but it is one of those great basic dresses that you can throw on with any accessories and look pulled together. Bonus - no Spanx required since it's just a nice swingy cut. I hope they offer it in some interesting colors come spring because I'm just about over this winter crap. I went with a size small in this and it fits fine. It's on sale right now, though sizing is limited. LOFT also has some other swing style dresses including this long-sleeved striped version that's on sale. Tempting!

Filigree Mixed Media Top
This one was a nice surprise! I ordered the white version pictured (there's also a navy colorway) because I love the contrast, even though white isn't really my thing. It's so nice! The front is more structured and has textured stripes and the back is a flowy material that hangs really nicely. It's not on sale currently, but definitely one to keep an eye on. I think this will work great right now (it's a warm white) and then well into spring. There's also a shell top made from the patterned material that I think is really cute. I bought this in a small and it's a pretty generous fit.

Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Drawstring Tunic
I ordered this thinking I could wear it with leggings but it's just... okay. I got it in a small and it technically fits but it doesn't really do much for me and the cowl neck thingy is just kind of irritating. There's nothing actually wrong with it and I'm not sure what I was expecting from a glorified sweatshirt but it's just not for me. This is a return. Womp womp. In it's defense, it has glowing reviews and comes in a cute ombre version, I think it's just not my style. 

So, that's it! Two keepers and a return. Have you bought anything from LOFT recently that you loved or hated? Do tell. 

PS. For the regular readers I felt it worth mentioning that the last time I was in the store I tried on the tulip print utility blouse I loved so much. It's super cute in person, but that balsam green color does not work on me. So sad. 


  1. Yes: this sadly sold out utility blouse with awesome stretched-out rabbits (like dachshunds - weiner rabbits!):

    1. Oh, that is a great print! I'm sorry to miss out on it.

  2. Their jackets right now are really good. I bought this: and this: I'm really happy with both - they are great Spring jackets and very flattering.

  3. That dress will look so great with your gold boots!

  4. I have the Loft Swing dress, and I literally just pulled it off over my head 5 minutes ago. First time wearing it tonight, and it's super soft and comfy. I love it and I'd buy it another color if it goes on sale again. Maria Costa