Monday, February 6, 2017

So Many Culottes, Too Much Time.

M: Not to body shame but girl. Ouch.

A: Girl, britches too small.

M: It hurts to look at her.

A: I’m feeling short of breath on her behalf.

M: Poor thing.

M: I can't imagine it's a ton of fun to be her.

A: Culottes should never involve tight lacing.

M: She wore that getup exactly once for the time it took to be photographed.

A: She looks pissed.

M: I'd say she's thinking I don't live on cigarettes and Pellegrino to not fit into this burgundy monstrosity.

M: Anyway she makes me sad.

A: Yeah, not a positive culottes experience.


A: Not bad!

M: Pretty cute!

A: I like the idea of denim culottes. In theory.

M: Same.


M: Right!

A: I'm not sure they're "me" but I like.

M: Saaaame.

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