Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We Are Totally Minimalists.


A: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Well, of course they are.

M: I MEAN. Though mine are a little darker than the natural suede but I'm choosing to not see that.

A: I meant to say, Oh hey, I found your boots. Check last Friday's post.


A: Your boots are at Saks Off Fifth, duh.

M: ANYWAY that Uniqlo denim jacket was a bust. It would be perfect if it was two inches longer. News flash: I am too tall for Uniqlo.

A: I found Uniqlo overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. But I'm sorry it didn’t work! Hold out for a good Madewell sale.

M: Speaking of Madewell, I just treated myself to this because this Monday is the Mondayest:

A: Oh, that is so pretty! I love Madewell.

M: That blushy pink is my color for spring. Like these:

A: Ooh, that color! Yes.

M: I mean I want these:

M: And wish the heel was shorter like those but I'm gonna try em.

A: Fuuuuuuuu

A: uck

M: Yeah

A: The Chinese Laundry pair is a good knockoff!

M: They are!

A: I’m still stuck in winter. I just bought another pair of black boots. What:

A: I was slightly unsure about the toe-shape but then wore them all day and now I love them. God bless Madewell and their good sales.

M: Oh good. I dig.

A: The heel is so perfect.

M: Love it.

M: I also bought this last week in NY because ALL OF MY JACKETS ARE OLIVE GREEN WHAT IS MY ACTUAL PROBLEM:

A: Oh, that's cute! I'd have bought that in olive because once I decide on something I like to follow through to the bitterest of bitter ends.

M: I have it in olive already hahahahasob.

A: How many is that?

M: I have four olive green jackets for four VERY DISTINCT USES.

A: You are talking to the girl with six pairs of black boots. Wait, seven. (See above.)

M: Seems reasonable.

A: Well, thank you. I think four olive jackets is positively austere.

M: I'm a minimalist.

A: Me too. Totally going to get on that micro-wardrobe thing any second now.


  1. Now I want to see all of Marianne's olive jackets and all of your black boots! BLOGSCIENCE!!

  2. these are great: