Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adrien: So Frenchy.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to dress like a French stereotype so put on my best striped shirt and my Frenchiest bag and...a scarf:

We'll talk about the scarf in a minute. My shirt is the Everlane heavyweight tee which I bought a few years ago and have worn pretty consistently. It's quietly become quite a staple in my wardrobe just by being the right amount of oversized and easy to wear. It's not hard to find a great breton striped top - this one at Boden looks perfect and this color block version at the Gap is interesting. Or, if you want to be fancy you could go for an amazing KULE shirt. But, I'll just say that the Everlane heavyweight is really solid and at $45 it's not terribly expensive. Now, the scarf:

It's super cute, right? My friend Crystal made it and I've had it for years. I'm not sure I'm a neckerchief kind of person (though I like it better in the pics) so instead I put it on my bag

Much better! I switched it out for a giant Ann Taylor tassel necklace because that's how I do. My cropped pants are Banana Republic and they have moto detailing that never shows up in the photos. I believe they're the Sloan fit? Pretty basic stuff but I wear them a lot. In searching for a similar pair I found these ponte moto pants at Athleta and now I'm like, well, I need those. Dammit. Details:

Ann Taylor has a lot of tassel jewelry right now including this pearlized pendant (which I like even though I'm not a fan of pearls), this really cute seed bead tassel that comes in several colors and this tassel/charm combo which I totally want. There's also this rope tassel thing but it confuses me. My ring is Alexis Bittar and my bracelet is the modern screw cuff from Bijouone.

My bag is my trusty old LV epi leather Speedy. It's such a classic and always fun to carry. You need a red satchel, right? I'm not generally a Kors fan but this one is just damn nice and the price on this Ralph Lauren satchel is also quite nice. My bargain pick is this cute red turnlock satchel at TJ Maxx!

Finally, my flats. They're the Sidewalk Skimmer which Madewell has stopped carrying because everything is terrible. They do currently have some ballet flats but they're not my skimmers. If you want purpley-blue suede flats, maybe this pair by Ralph Lauren or these by Sam Edelman? Alas, the skimmers were the best. 

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  1. So cute! I like how you pick up the blue in the scarf with the flats.