Monday, March 20, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I Can't): Spring Is Killing Me.

It is basically my life that I decided not to buy things at almost exactly the same time I discovered Spring. I think it shows enormous restraint that I have NOT BOUGHT ANYTHING from this website yet, despite a million reasons to do so: free shipping/returns, 6% cashback with eBates, and code SPRING10 for 10% off first time orders. Also, if you go through my referral link you'll get $20 off your first Spring purchase of $75 or more!

It took a bit of research to figure it out but Spring works as a middleman, so all orders ship directly from the retailer. This is great if you want a single item from Everlane but don't want to pay shipping. Just buy it through Spring! I KNOW. (I promise they're not paying me to write this stuff- I just really like a good deal with my online shopping. I'm still mad I missed the triple eBates weekend. I can't even talk about it.) Anyway, I created a Spring wishlist for that day when I can shop again and here's what I really like:

I've been talking about replacing my leopard flats for ages and this pair by Shoes of Prey fulfill my leopard flat checklist in nearly every way. HEART EYE EMOJI.

This crazy Alice + Olivia dress is deeply on sale and rull crazy. I can't stop looking at it. 

Hi there boatneck striped shirt from Everlane. You are my kryptonite. Stop haunting me. 

Oh, just my favorite perfume of all time that I'm nearly out of. And other Jo Malone things I might want. 


I keep meaning to try this RMS luminizer but I'm not sure it's worth the price. But it might be?

Bombas is on Spring! I love the Invisibles no-show liners which are magic and actually stay put. 

This skiiiiirrrrrt. I only have two skirts and neither are denim a-line. Is amazing. Sigh.

Tempting,  right? Here's the info again so you don't have to scroll up to the top: Free shipping and (mostly) free returns, 6% cashback with eBates, and code SPRING10 for 10% off first time orders. Also, if you go through my referral link you'll get $20 off your first Spring purchase of $75 or more!

There are also special deals and discounts today on items marked with a tulip emoji as well because it's the first day of spring and... oh. Just got that.


  1. Love the Jo Malone Wood sage and sea salt

  2. Also when I ordered from there they gave me 15% off my next 3 orders.

  3. Tottaly addicted to this site. Thank you

  4. My husband just brought home this Jo Malone scent as a gift. I'd never heard of it! Winning!


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