Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Things I Can't Buy.

I've been trying hard to not be tempted during my no-buy month but things keep finding me, their squeaky little voices calling out, "Buy meeeee!" So far I've been strong but I am keeping a list. I'm also still more than happy to enable you. Related: If you were tempted by my Lucien boots, they're now $99. I'm just saying. Here are the things that have been tempting me:


  1. That that Sunday Riley kit is calling my name. Must try to resist. And when I saw that J. Crew tuxedo jacket I thought of you! I know you have been saying you want to replace yours.

  2. I ordered the Jcrew tuxedo jacket - hopefully I ordered the right size!

    1. I waffled too long over breaking my no-buy and it sold out in my size. Please let me know if it's good!