Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Adrien: It's All About Peer Pressure.

Well, hi there. So, March is the month in which I will absolutely not be buying stuff but thank God I bought some stuff in February that I haven't shown you yet, right? Got keep thing interesting. Anyway, I went to LOFT last month to return the sweatshirt tunic thing that didn't work for me and while I was there I tried on this top:

When I walked out of the dressing room to show Kate, three other women were like, YOU MUST ABSOLUTELY BUY THAT OMG YOUR HAIR IT'S ALL SO GOOD. Wow. Okay, so two of those women were LOFT employees but I'm very suggestible and it was 40% off so I bought it. It's the Tiled Henley Utility blouse and it also comes in white, but get the crazy red one, I always say. (It's on sale!) And, since we’re talking about crazy LOFT prints, I love this printed mixed media shell and this lotus print dress is right up my alley. And hey, tiny leopards

I tucked it in which looks really nice but never lasts for me. I don't have patience for tucking. I'm wearing my LOFT blouse with my favorite Fidelity Sola jeans which I wear way, way too much. I know, they're just really good. This pair of Fidelity Ace jeans are on sale and are a similar cut and this pair (also on sale) might be the Sola cut, but hard to say for sure. Anyway, they're great jeans. 

Just checking the rear view. I like that this blouse is long enough to wear with leggings, but not so long that it's an actual tunic. The only thing that doesn't thrill me is that the collar is a bit wide and floppy. On to details:

I'm wearing the Dylanlex necklace that came in the winter Box of Style and I really love that it's super blingy but not over-the-top. I think it was a box exclusive (off to eBay!) but this one is pretty similar in style or this one at Banana Republic would be a really good option! Dang, I really like that one. My ring is an old turquoise ring my mom gave me  and my bracelet is a sad old thing from LOFT. There are better versions now. Much better.

Eeeeeeeeeee. Boots. Eeeeeeeeeee! Boots! YOU GUYS. My Madewell Lucien boots (reviewed here) were such a good purchase. I love them so much and keep wearing them even though I really should get them zipsoled. I have worn them nearly every day since they arrived. True love, y'all. 

Hey, I finally changed out my bag...to the same bag in a different color. When something works, it works and a neutral hobo is really a good thing to have. Mine is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle hobo (only on eBay at this point) but this newer Marc hobo is probably the closest in style. Banana Republic has a few sleek bags in a good beigey-grey color and, for the cheap 'n cheerful option, Merona has a nice looking light grey hobo.

That's all I got for today. I hope you enjoyed this last fling of new stuff from me. *sob*

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  1. Those boots look really sharp. That color wood heel contrasted with the black reads as great quality.


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