Monday, March 6, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I Can't): TJ Maxx Clearance FInds.

Hi there! We're nearly a week into March and I decided at the end of February that I wasn't going to buy any new stuff in March. Doesn't that sound like fun? No? Yeah, it isn't. I don't really have any crazy rules set up for this no-buy month, I'm just trying to be more strategic with my spending, so for the month of March I won't be buying any beauty/fashion/house related items. Amusingly, when I went to Target yesterday (to buy La Croix, obvs) I was all the way to the register with a pretty impulse-purchase candle in hand before I was like, "Oh. Whoops." I did not buy the candle. I will also not be buying these clearance items from TJ Maxx even though they are REALLY GOOD BARGAINS. UGH.

First! This DVF travel tote is $29. I KNOW. This Diane Von Furstenberg travel tote of cuteness is TWENTY NINE AMERICAN DOLLARS:

There's also matching luggage which is equally adorable. I was also taken by this very springtime fresh perforated leather tote by Foley + Corinna:

It's more than $29 but still a really good price for a leather tote. Also, you know how I'm always banging on about how you need a metallic bag? This gold leather Cole Haan tote is what you need:

It's $80! That's a damn good price for Cole Haan quality and I love this little tassel. If none of this is doing much for you, how about a kicky red leather Linea Pelle crossbody for $64?

I love it! It also comes in grey and black but I think red is definitely the way to go. That is a really good red.

I also poked through the jewelry but didn't see much in clearance that was new or interesting. In the clothing section I found some good deals but, of course, sizing is limited. I liked this Alice + Olivia dress, this Parker dress has potential and there are some 7FAMK jeans for under $50. Also, there's a ton of Shoshanna swimwear that I'm trying to pretend like I didn't see because there's one bikini that I remember talking about last year. Dammit. Bitter tears. Regret.

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