Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Saks Friends & Family! So Mean!

I wasn't kidding in my outfit post yesterday, I think this Saks Friends and Family sale is going to be the cause of my untimely demise. I don't NEED ANYTHING FROM YOU, SAKS. You hear me? Not one thing do I need. But oh, the want. The want is strong. Here's what I'd buy in a hot second if I had the means:

This Joie top is the perfect, pretty breezy little summer thing:

And you know what it would look so cute with? White jeans! I want a new pair and I like how 7FAMK fits me so, duh, right? 

Next, I basically want everything that Alexis Bittar puts his little hands on. Like this necklace:

And these beautiful earrings: 

And all the other earrings. God, I love it all in it's fringe spiky goodness. Now, bags. I love this Botkier camel tote for its east-west simplicity:

And for when I don't need to carry All The Things, I think this Vince crossbody is so sleek:

And wouldn't it go really well with these movie star bitch oversized white sunglasses? 

I THINK SO TOO. I am actually crying a little bit right now just imagining it. Tears. Now, sandals. I am all about the touch of python here: 

Yay, summer! Finally, y'all know I'm obsessed with swimwear right now and if I had my way I'd already own this absurdly cute Shoshanna bikini because, yeah: 

Sooooo, that was torture. I am going to go throw things at Saks now. BRB. 

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