Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Some Thoughts From Friday.

A: I don’t need rubber Birkenstocks, right?

M: No. No one does.

A: Do you know the ones I’m talking about?

Birkenstock EVA

M: Yeah. And I kind of like them but they would be all sweaty and slippery.

M: And rub your feet funny.

M: I would only wear them to the pool.

M: but yeah.

M: They are cheap though.

M: Need Supply has them.

A: See??? And they come in good colors. And white.

Birkenstock EVA Arizona

M: I'm not sold but I also shouldn't wear my real birks to the pool so much.

A: They are made out of that crocs material, I think? So kinda soft rubber stuff.

M: I'm sure I'll end up getting some.

A: Ha. I am pretty sure I will too and then, slippery slope, will start wearing them out.

M: Of course.

A: And then overalls.

M: If they worked on my body type I would already have some. Same with jumpsuits.

A: I believe I wore cut-off overalls in college, so.

M: The Birks come in olive green so just take my money.

A: I want white or maybe red Madrids:

Birkenstock EVA Madrid

M: Those have promise.

A: Sadly, I think the green Arizonas are men's.

M: Yeah.

A: So they may not have them in narrow.

M: It’s ok.

A: Oh wait, I think Arizonas are unisex anyway. I’m using my brain way too much for Birkenstocks.

M: Hahaha. It’s Friday.

A: I've just basically convinced myself I need Birkenstock-shaped Crocs. I don't...even. Bye.


  1. As someone who hates Crocs, I will say I LOVE the Birkenstock EVA Madrid. I bought a pair last year dirt cheap from a Madewell sale. They are perfect for the pool and beach. I love that I can wear them as I wash the sand off my feet and they don't get all swishy and yucky. They are super comfortable, too. If you can get them for a good price, I'd recommend them!

    1. Oh, thank you! I am definitely leaning towards the Madrid style and this helps.

  2. Birkencroc? I'd say definitely appropriate for beach/pool. The Madrid is cute!

  3. I actually just purchased the Khaki (Olive) Madrids from UO. They didn't offer a narrow option, but that's what I received (fortuitously, because I really wanted the narrow but couldn't find them anywhere else in my size)...

  4. I got the Eva's (in Black) last year for my beach shoes and they are really good- they keep your feet cool on sand, you can walk in and out of the water with them, your feet don't slide around when they are wet, they dry fast, and they are cute and flattering to the foot. Also, they are light as air, so for packing (although they aren't bendy-compressable) they are very good.

    I would wear them in more situations if they did one with more of a platform- I love that kindof material when it's thicker, because it's so boingy on your soles, and I like being a bit removed from the street when my feet are mostly bare. (especially when it rains in summer)

    I wear some version of (usually faux) Birks all summer long, and my feet always have such wonky tan lines as a result.

  5. actually I don't know if they are Eva's- they are the "Gizeh" shaped Birks...?