Monday, April 11, 2016

Adrien: Yay Spring. So Easy.

I pulled my summer stuff out last weekend (note: apparently too soon) and was delighted all over again to find this Old Navy dress that Marianne gave me:

Old Navy always has some cute print dresses (love the ginko leaf print especially and this black floral) but they're usually on the thin side. I should probably mention that I ordered this cute striped dress on recommendation from my friend Paula because I don't have enough striped dresses. Shut up. ANYWAY, the dress I'm wearing is not too thin and it's very flattering and I'm happy to have it. Thank you, Marianne. 

It's that MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo. I've had it for a year and it's definitely the bag I carry the most. Basically only on eBay these days, but 6pm has the very similar MBMJ Ligero hobo on sale and the MBMJ saddle bag version in this color is available, but not on sale. My bargain pick would be this Gabriella Rocha hobo which comes in a bunch of good colors. 

Hey, it's my red clog sandals again. Mine are Lotta from Stockholm Peep Toes and I highly recommend them. For a similar take, the Miz Mooz Fifi are awfully cute in red. If wood soles aren't your thing I'm going to (again) suggest you check out these red TOMS wedge sandals. That's a great price! I also think the Drea Wedge at Madewell is really cute even though they're more coral than red. And they're wood. Who's counting.

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  1. Stunning. From the red lip to the shoes, this outfit is simple perfection.