Friday, April 29, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Michael B Jordan

So! Michael B Jordan is next on the list of suggestions and he's someone who I a) thought maybe was Michael Jordan's son and b) I am clearly not that familiar with because he is in no way Michael Jordan's son. Anyway! I haven't seen much of anything he's in because when your name is Adrien, Rocky-related movies are something you generally avoid. All that aside, he is FINE:

That smile! You know he is just super smooth and charming but not in a fake way. Look at this face:

And he's a sharp dresser. Check him out wearing the shit out of this fashiony floral suit in Vogue:

Yas. And oh right, there is this craziness: 

I'm sorry, what? What were you saying? MY BRAIN NO WORKY.


*Waves* Over here! I'm over herrrreeeeee. 

Happy Friday, all!