Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Adrien: Can It Be Spring Now?

Real sick of all these pictures already, you guys. I had an idea in my head of what all this would like which did not include me looking all slouchy and weird in every photo. (I have fun sharing my outfits with you guys but I'd just as soon do it with a bag over my head.) ANYWAY, It's raining ice and I'm in a great mood. SO, let's talk about what I'm wearing, shall we?  

This is the boatneck swing dress I bought from LOFT last month and it's a really nice blank slate. It's easy to wear and not very challenging and sometimes that's what you want. It's only available in charcoal but there's a striped version on super-sale right now that I'm very tempted by. If you're looking toward spring but not into super crazy prints, check out this Loft bird embroidered swing dress. So pretty! If you're still feeling emo about the weather, just get the black one. I feel you. 

It's cold so I needed a cardigan. This one is very old Banana Republic and has some beaded crap on the placket which makes it fancy. BR currently has a pale purple metallic cardigan that looks fun and if this leopard print boyfriend cardigan wasn't wool it would already be mine. Ugh, want anyway. I also love the look of this shimmer open cardigan at Loft. My tights are fleece lined from Target which don't have any sort of control top but they are really warm.  My pair is old and will probably be replaced with something higher quality, like these.  On to details:

I'm wearing a Lulu Frost for J.Crew tassel necklace which is quite a little chunker. I love it. Lulu Frost does a fantastic tassel necklace but they aren't cheap. This under-$50 tassel at Last Call is good times and I dig this charm tassel at Ann Taylor. I also love these tassel earrings at TJ Maxx! They remind me of a similar pair by Lulu Frost. Oh, tassels. My bracelets are a Giles + Brother skinny railroad cuff and a Lisa Freede cuff. I wear them a lot.

Bag and boots! My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Company Twist Lock satchel. Mine is a medium but the larger size is on sale for less than the medium costs, which is crazy. My boots, as you probably know, are Madewell Lucien. They're on sale for under $100! Final sale, though. Worth it. I promise.



  1. You always looks adorbz and i love the Cardinals and the detail on it, as well as ur complete look (even with coat). I am snowed in in Canada. I feel your pain.

    1. Thank you and I'm sorry you're snowed in. Winter is the worst.

  2. The dress looks great on you!